Our Weakness Is a Strength?


Our weaknesses can be our greatest strength. I realized this when I was watching the anime ‘Assassination classroom’. In that anime I saw some of the characters using their own, once considered ‘weaknesses’ to their advantage in assassination. When I saw that the only thing that popped up in my mind was the following quote by Michael Beckwith,

Your weaknesses are really your strengths in embryonic states

I was intrigued whether I could use my weaknesses to my advantage in anything at all, but to my surprise I didn’t have much of an idea about my weaknesses. So I wrote down the things that I considered as my weakness. That’s when I found that even the knowledge of ones own weaknesses is strength in its own a way. I found several weaknesses that I could avoid by simply being aware that it is one of my weakness. For example, I am really bad at expressing myself and as a result I began dodging the questions that requires me to express my thoughts clearly. And before I knew it became a habit. I noticed it only when I sat down looking for my weakness. This habit was seriously affecting my communication skills. But now that I’m aware of that fact, I could simply try and express myself whenever my habit to dodge the conversation kicks in. I can use it as a trigger to express myself.

I learned that we can actually exploit our weakness depending on the situation we are in, provided that we are familiar with our weaknesses. If that’s the case, the weaknesses are no longer weaknesses, but great tools that we can consciously use to our advantage. It’s just a matter of perspective. Get a little creative and make the most of everything.

Our weaknesses are strengths in embryonic states because we still consider them as weaknesses, but once we discover a way to use them to our advantage our weakness actually becomes our strength.


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