How To Feel Energetic All Day

I just woke up and I already feel so tired ( I knew that binge watching anime was a bad idea). Usually, when I feel drained this early in the morning, the entire day would be a pain. I have to drag myself everywhere, waiting for the day to decline so that I can go to bed again. It feels obnoxious. I used to distract myself by watching anime or playing games ( yeah, draining myself empty – not the right thing to do, I know). But, I got so sick of feeling drained that I decided to find a way to be energetic all day, and thanks to that I have no problem dealing with lack of energy anymore, and I’m going to share those tricks with you.

(When I started this post I said that I felt so tired, right? Now I’m feeling great, and all I did was drink some water, take deep breaths, listened to music, and focused on writing this post. Simple, isn’t it?) Okay, let me start with the obvious ones,

Enough sleep:  By enough sleep, I mean the amount of sleep which you feel comfortable with. I experimented sleeping 8 hrs a day, and to be honest I actually felt more tired than usual. So I reduced my sleep time back to 7 hrs and 15 min which was the optimum amount of sleep I needed. I wasn’t surging with energy or something, but my eyes felt a lot better than how it felt when I slept for 8 hrs. So find the optimal amount of sleep which you feel comfortable with.

Drink water: If the body gets dehydrated, then it automatically loses its energy and you’ll start feeling tired. So make sure to drink a lot of water so that the intake is equal to the water utilized for your metabolism and the water excreted from your body through sweat, urine, etc.

Breathing deep: Deep breathers could literally never run low on energy, because breathing deep means more supply of oxygen to the cells, and it is obvious that it will increase our performance as oxygen is the fuel for human cell. So breathe deeper, slower, quieter, and more regular to re-energize your system.

Listening to music: As I mentioned in my earlier post, music is an incredible way to boost our energy. Choose the songs that pumps you with energy, listen to it, and feel great. Playing musical instruments can also help to energize yourself.

Proper diet: It is not a secret that a proper diet is necessary to keep our energy balanced. Eating foods that give you a sudden boost of energy should be avoided, because all it does is, boost your energy to the peak, and drops it down to the base soon after. Instead, eat healthy food that gradually increases your energy level.

Move your body: When you feel tired the last thing you want to is to move your body, but that is the thing you have to do to get energized. Moving around means a better circulation of blood, and since blood cells carry oxygen to the muscles, etc they can get their fuel faster which in turn will increase your energy level. So the next time you feel tired, try doing some exercise.

Manage your focus: An easy way to lose energy is to continuously focus on multiple things. Splitting your focus drains you faster, so focus on one thing at a time. Also, make sure to have 10 min break for every 30 min or so, to regain the energy lost in the past 30 min. Maybe you could set a goal to take 10 deep breaths in the break time, but make sure to relax our mind and body.

Calm your mind: As I mentioned earlier, focusing drains our energy. The more agitated your brain is, the more thoughts will pop up, and more thoughts means more focus which means you’ll be using up more energy. So stop worrying about things. Ask yourself, “am I really in danger?”, and most of the time the answer will be ‘no’. Bring yourself down to earth by reminding yourself that your worries aren’t crises.

Following the above mentioned tips helps me to stay energetic all day, and I hope that it will help you too.






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