Self Sacrifice Is The Ultimate Sacrifice?

When I was watching ‘My hero academia’, I noticed the character named ‘All Might’ say, “self sacrifice is the ultimate sacrifice”. I pondered over this fact for a while. Recently, I played a game called ‘Life is strange’, and there I was burdened with a choice of either saving my best friend, Chloe ( bestie in the game, not irl) , or the entire town. I knew that life of a town should be more valuable than the life of a single person, but after spending all that time with Chloe, her life seemed more valuable to me. I wasn’t able to give up on my friend, so I decided to save her. I decided saved one person at the cost of the entire town (“It’s just a game, so it doesn’t matter” – this is the reason I gave myself after I made my decision).

But I knew that the righteous decision would be to save the town. It was a difficult choice. I even reasoned that the town will be restored back to is original state as time flows by (even though the dead cannot be brought back to life). It made me sound like a villain, because my statement meant that human lives had no value as long as it is only a small chunk of the human race and it’s survival is trivial. Sounded logical at that time, but felt horrible and selfish too.

So, that’s why I thought that sacrificing a loved one would be the ultimate sacrifice, but All Might’s statement made me want to question it. Objectively, self sacrificing would be the easiest thing, if all you consider is having to volunteer to die for someone’s sake, but it is not always about death, is it? At least not in this day and age. It is the suffering that counts. How much are you willing to endure for the sake of others or for a greater cause? As I mentioned above, I didn’t want lose Chloe, because I didn’t want to suffer the loss of a loved one. I wasn’t ready to endure it (yeah, I know I’m making a big fuss just for a stupid AI), but if I had chosen to sacrifice her to save the town, now will that be self sacrifice, because I decided to endure the loss for the sake of the town? I guess so.

That’s when I realized that self sacrifice is the ultimate sacrifice, because sacrificing a loved one is also a part of self sacrifice. Also, self sacrifice is something that differentiates ordinary people from the extra ordinary. While a normal man fears self sacrifice(so I’m a normal guy, huh? I guess I’ll have to embrace my fears then), the successful ones see it as another step in their path to victory. So those who are ready to make the ultimate sacrifice are the actual heroes of this world (and I strive to be one or at least want to be one).


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