Is Your Past Hunting You Down?

Change is an inevitable thing in our life. Both our body and mind changes with time, and often this change is slow and subconscious. But, I realized that changing oneself consciously is a lot more difficult task, because change takes time and we humans are impatient, and that makes us an easy prey for our past.

When I decided to remove the habits which I deemed ‘bad’ and introduce new healthy habits, my conscious attempts to change were hindered by my past. My past habits and lifestyle impeded my efforts and tried to pull me back into the habits which I sought to change. It took a lot of effort and determination to bring about the change. I made it a habit to exercise my eyes (since I spend all day in front of my laptop), do yoga and a short workout session in the morning to keep myself healthy.

A week passed and things went smooth. But all it took for that habit to crumble was for me to skip that newly formed habit for a day. I was a bit lazy and thought of skipping them for just a day, but ended up skipping them for the next four days, that is, until I realized that I necessarily have to stick to those habits if I intend to have a healthy future. I noticed that, as the number of days I slacked off increased, my determination to stick to the habit gradually dwindled. I had to start over, only this time I wasn’t feeling all fired up about it.

So I made it optional to exercise everyday, but mandatory to exercise on alternative days. This made it a lot more easier, since I don’t have to push myself everyday. I was aware that if I gave myself a ‘special day’ where I slack off when I’m supposed to exercise, I might go off track again. But the good news was it only took a bit of determination, compared to the determination required to practice this habit everyday. So now I’m quiet sure that I won’t fall prey to my laziness which started chasing me the moment I decided to change.

The past stands as an obstacle to every change we desire; from the change in habit to the change in personality. We can either force through with sheer determination or overcome it by making slow, but steady progress. Since I didn’t have that kind of strong determination, I decided to take it easy, and bring about the change slow and steady. So, the next time you are being pursued by your past remember this:

What matters the most is that we keep moving and make some progress. It doesn’t mater whether we run or walk, as long as we don’t stay stagnant, we can make that change happen.


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