Fighting The Unknown Fears

Whenever a righteous character is deceived by someone and is made to (manipulated to) fight for a wrong cause, or when someone betrays someone else who placed so much trust and faith in them, or when people insult others and act like a superior being it strikes my nerves. I feel enraged when I see such things happen. I get emotional, even though it is just a character in a novel or an anime (At least I’m not like grandparents who give out loud, emotionally charged commentary(or maybe, speaking to the TV?) while watch TV shows, besides I’m sure my parents will think that I’m retarded if they catch me doing that).

But my question is: why do I even get riled up about it? Maybe I got too involved? Maybe it has something to do with my real life? Maybe a bit of both? Whatever the reason is, one thing is clear; I hate it when my emotion clouds my mind, but I can’t help it when the above mentioned things unfold in front of my eyes. The more I thought about it, I realized that I always put myself in the place of the sufferer, instead of the place of the observer(and here I thought I played the role of an observer in real life). I realized that I feared those things happening to me. I feared fighting for the wrong cause, I feared being deceived, I feared being insulted.

I could easily lie to myself saying, “I’m a righteous person, so I can’t stand such things”(and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing until now), but deep down I know that I’m fragile. I’m not a warrior of justice, but just a person who wears a strong armor to defend himself from his fears. Now that I realized it, my next course of action should be getting rid of that armor. This armor is not making me strong, it is just making me weak. I know for a fact that the only way to overcome fear is to face it head on without any resistance, that is, I have to be completely vulnerable. In my case, it means I have to brace myself and see farther ahead. It doesn’t matter if I’m wrong. All it matters is that I right my wrongs once I realized them. The same goes for my other fears. Instead of getting stuck in the fear, I have to move forward, beyond my fears.



This is how I found my unknown fears(which I wouldn’t have discovered if I hadn’t questioned my reactions to certain situations) and learned to overcome them. We need to know that our emotions are flags that points out something. We need to take our time to analyze and solve the problems we never knew we had. Exploring oneself (which includes knowing ones own fears) is as significant as exploring every other thing in this world, so we need to pay attention and analyze every peculiar thing on our adventure to know the unknown.


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