How A Little Patience Can Change Your Life

I always dreamed of going on endless adventure, traveling without settling in a place, experiencing various cultures, and encountering different people. I wanted to experience as much as I can. As a kid, I wasn’t able to travel as much as I’d like to (obviously), and I guess, that’s why I was attracted to games and cartoons. I explored the different genre and learned various things. I accumulated a lot of knowledge from games and cartoons and having those knowledge only pushed me to explore more, so that I can learn more about it from my own experience. For starters, there was adventure which I always fantasized ( even though I was just watching someone else on their own adventure), and I also got to learn more about people, culture, etc. I learned various things from their life story, for example, how they deal with certain situation and stuffs like that (that’s one good reason why I like anime). It helped me to broaden my perspective.

For me, it was all about learning. I wanted to gain something from everything (which almost makes me sound rapacious, but I think it’s just curiosity). My inability to explore the physical world (it’ll still take me years to complete my formal education, so I just have to wait) led me to explore my mental constructs; my beliefs, my knowledge about the world and myself, etc. I began observing everything, seeking to learn something (But the only let down is: I have the curiosity to learn more about life and not about biology, or physics, or math, or any of those stuffs they teach in schools).

This also made me impatient. It’s easier to think about stuffs than actually doing it, right? I made plans and schedules, but when it came to actually implementing them…I failed miserably. I was aware that no matter how much I know, unless I apply my knowledge in my life it’s quiet useless. This called for a change. I took my time, changing myself slowly, and I’m still in the process. I made my morning routine, started blogging, and started doing things that I liked (instead of just watching them). I started doing the stuffs that I quit just because it took a lot of time for me to achieve the desired result. There are several changes that I’d like to instill into my life, but I decided not to rush things. Only if my life were a game I could establish my own farm empire in just a matter of hours (yeah, I like Harvest moon kind of games). But reality could be cruel. Everything takes time and only those who are patient enough to see it through till the end will gain any progress. The impatient ones will only jump from one track to another without making any actual progress (and that’s what I’ve been doing).

So, how to be patient? First, you need to know that patience is not about waiting until something is done. If you think about it, you could be yelling and moaning while you are waiting, itching to get that result as soon as possible. That kind of waiting is futile. Most of the time you’ll be tempted to walk away and do something else. Instead, if you learn to enjoy the progress.This is where being in the present comes in handy. I noticed that thinking of the stuffs that I have to do while I’m doing something else will only make me rush things, so I cleared my mind and focused on what I was doing, trying to see what I liked about it. If it is exercise, I’ll focus on my breath and how my body felt. If it is something daunting like studying, being humorous and finding something funny about what I do kept me going.

Patience Is Not The Ability To Wait, But The Ability to Keep A Good Attitude While Waiting.

In short all you have to do is to find something you’ll enjoy in that progress; something you’ll look forward to experience again. But the most important thing you must do is to get rid of the activity that makes you impatient. In my case, I had to get rid of games and limit my time watching anime. That’s all it takes to become patient. Most of us have an idea that being patient is boring which ultimately leads us to detest patience. But, when you realize that being patient could be fun if you want it to be, you can achieve your dreams and goals without being hindered by boredom, no matter how slow the progress is. Thus showing little patience in the present can make huge differences in the future.


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