Message from another dimension…

I don’t know why, but for some reasons I started thinking about my deja vu experiences last night. The recent episode occurred a couple of weeks ago. I was playing a visual novel game, and suddenly I felt like I was reliving the past for a few of seconds, that is, the present felt like the past. I’ve never played that game before, nor have I watched any gameplay, but I was able to tell what was going to happen. It didn’t feel like guessing, it felt like knowing. And the other episode occurred two months ago, when I was on a family trip to Ooty. I was on a row-boat with my dad and my brother ( mom didn’t tag along because she was a bit afraid of sinking *no offense mom, I just wanted to add why I didn’t talk about you*).


Dad quickly asked me to look at the deer park which was located on the shore to my left. It seems like he has spotted a deer. I didn’t know there was a deer park around there, so my eyes wandered around for a while and finally fixed on the location. I missed the deer, but when I saw the park, I felt like I’ve been there before. Unlike my experience with the game, I wasn’t able to predict what was going to happen. I just felt the ‘I’ve been here’ vibe.

What causes this feeling? Is there any explanation for it? Does everybody experience it? Is it something like intuition?

These questions took over my mind. In the end, I didn’t want ruin my sleep (besides I could always google it, so there is no need to try and come up with an answer at the cost of my sleep), so I decided not to think about it.

And so, this morning I googled it.

I found that the scientific explanation we have right now is, deja vu is an anomaly of physical memory from the human brain (anomaly in my brain? Well, I don’t know anything about neuroscience, so I can’t argue with this, but honestly, I think it would be exciting if I had more such experiences, so I wouldn’t mind even if it is a disorder).

The brain produces memories from the hippocampus region. A small section of this is called the dentate gyrus and is responsible for “episodic” memories which stores information that allows us to tell similar places and situations apart. When there is low performance from the dentate gyrus, the supposed memory problem of déjà vu occurs as the brain has difficulty in telling the difference between two extremely similar situations. In other words, the brain is not storing the lifetime memories well enough.

In another website, they say it might be due to anxiety disorder (I do get anxious, but I wouldn’t say that I have anxiety disorder. So it is not what happened in my case). In another website, it is said that deja vu has nothing to do with planet earth. It has something to do with our spirits.

You can focus on a normal or forgotten memory when you recollect it. However, when you try to focus on a déjà vu sensation you can’t. Simply put it is because it is not of this earth . . . and neither, fundamentally, are you. Déjà vu comes from the spirit, not from the human brain, thus the memory functions of the brain do not apply.

After reading that, my imagination ran wild. What if they are some kind of signs or messages from another dimension?

The scientific explanation was boring, but the spiritual one piqued my interest. Everything was left to my imagination. What if it is a message from myself in another dimension? (by the way, I didn’t steal that idea from ‘Steins;gate’) What if it really has something to do with my spirit? Maybe my spirit is trying to guide me? I couldn’t possibly know. In the end we don’t have much information about deja vu, or alternate dimensions for that matter. But, I think it would be wonderful if it really were a message from another dimension (I’m allowed to dream, right?).


2 thoughts on “Message from another dimension…”

  1. I also experience dejavu which is kinda creepy for me. 😀 It also makes me think of an alternate universe. What if I am some sort of a fictional character of a book, or What if I am in a body of a five year old, something like that. Those topics catch my interest the most. So glad I read your post about it. Hehe.

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