If You Can Choose A Superpower What Would It Be…

As you might already know, I’m an anime nerd, which gives me the legitimate excuse to think about trivial stuffs like, ‘Which superpower would I like to have?’. And my answer for that question would be… *drum roll please*… Time warp. Since I don’t plan on fighting any super villain, this should suit me great.


Think about the endless possibilities. I’ll literally have all the time in the universe, I can wake up at 6:00 am, and then time travel back to 12:00 pm, so that can be productive 24 hrs a day. I can help the people in need at the right time. I can even use this power like teleportation – go to the destination and reverse the time, but the downside is I’d have to spend money to travel long distances. And, not to mention the other perks like, using this power to ace exams, win chess tournaments, and I can also see how things would turn out, if I made crazy decisions which I’d never make in real life.

Yep, that’d really be awesome. It’s like using the check-points in games. Made a mistake? Start over from the check-point. Easy as that. I could explore as much as I like, because time won’t be a limitation anymore. I could learn anything and everything, as long as I’m not being lazy (I know I’m in no position to talk about contributing time for learning something useful, I mean, I am writing THIS post after all). Or, I could use it only when it is absolutely necessary like a real superhero…what a buzzkill.

Well…anyways, tell me what superpower you’d like to have, and join me and get excited over nothing! At the very least, you’d be able to kill some time imagining stuffs like this.  (Honestly…why did I even write this post?)



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