Barriers To Meditation

Yesterday, I was skimming through my email aimlessly, and that’s when the title – “love bomb” caught my eyes. It was an invite to a mindvalley masterclass session called “love bomb” by Emily Fletcher, and yesterday was the last date to enroll.

It’s been like forever since I enrolled in a masterclass. I had to prepare for my exams and stuffs, so I stopped watching these self-help and personal development related things. So I decided to enroll, not to mention, it has got a catchy name for a meditation technique (and for some reason it reminds me of chocolate).

Honestly, it was inspiring. I did that meditation and it felt great (but, when I tried it this morning without any guidance, on my own…well, let’s say it wasn’t half bad. I didn’t get the same flow as I experienced in the masterclass)

It’s been scientifically  proven that meditation has several benefits, but still, most of don’t practice it. So, Why don’t we practice meditation(the most of us)? What are the blocks that keep us from practicing it? Emily discussed these questions in the masterclass.

The main reason is that we think that we have to clear our mind in order to meditate (that’s frustrating, alright). She says that meditation is different from mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is designed for monks and sages who spend their lifetime on enlightenment, and we are not those dudes. We are normal people, living our lives in a totally different way from those monks, and there is a specific kind of meditation for people like us(and, yes, it does not require you to clear your mind and focus on your breath instead, you have to think certain stuffs).

The difference is, mindfulness meditation activates a particular part of the brain to a maximum extent, and the meditation for the non-monks activates the entire brain to a…medium extent? But it sure is less compared to the other one.

The next reason would probably be falling asleep during practice. It totally crushes the motivation to continue (speaking out of experience here). And Emily’s explanation is that, what we consider falling asleep might be our transition to the fourth state of consciousness. During sleep the breathing pattern would be totally different than the pattern you have when you are in meditation. So, yeah, “falling asleep” in the middle of a meditation session is a good thing!

*side note: obviously, you can’t check your breathing pattern when you’re asleep or in the fourth state of consciousness,so ask someone trustworthy to check it for you unless you want your ‘sleep-meditation’ video to go viral on youtube.*

And the final resason is that you’re so busy and have no time to practice. Well, I don’t have to talk about this, because you probably already know that you have time and that excuse is just an excuse. These are the most common barriers that restrict us from practicing meditation.

If you need more reasons to meditate, watch this:





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