Be Grateful For Your Sufferings…

Have you ever thought how it’d be if everything goes according to your plan. You can always be happy and successful…but, I think it’d suck. Life would be boring without failure, sadness, depression, anger, etc. Without those emotions life would feel plain, blank, and…lifeless. We might feel happy all the time, but happiness means nothing without sadness, and the same goes for everything else. These emotions work in pairs. One needs the other to exist. Life and death; light and darkness; good and evil works the same way.

Think about it, if the world is filled with good, then in a coupe of decades, being good would mean nothing to us. And the same goes for evil; if this world is filled with evil, then that’d become the new ‘normal’. Fortunately, our lives can never be, and never will be that monotonous.

Our life is filled with ups and downs, and that’s what makes life worth living. But, most of us like to play it safe; play it in the easy mode, so that there won’t much downs. And, that’s not a bad idea either, as I said if all the people started playing it in the hard mode, then that’d become the new ‘normal’.


secrets_difficultyThat’s what makes the extraordinary something special, right? Again, there should be ordinary for extraordinary to prevail. If you put it this way, life of all the people on this planet is what makes life worthwhile. That’s why the role of every individual is essential for humanity to move forward.

You can change the difficulty mode at any point in your life, so be grateful for what you are right now. Be grateful for feeling depressed and dejected. Be grateful for your failures. Be grateful for the happiness and joy. No matter what, you are playing a role of great importance in this world. So, remember this:

The value of your happiness, depends on the amount of your sufferings.

The next time you’re suffering, be grateful for it, for the fruit of that suffering is happiness which is worth that suffering.



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