Date Yourself!

I believe everybody has their own “special ability” which is unique to them. It might be awesome or, just weird (which means out of this world), but everybody has one. It is difficult to find it most of the times, because it’ll be disguised as your simple, everyday activity. It might take someone else to spot your uniqueness. I believe that everybody is special.

Yesterday, I asked this enigmatic chatting buddy of mine, to tell me what his uniqueness was. He answered in a whim that he didn’t have any. I pushed him to think harder, and in the end, he concluded that it was yet another unsolved mystery (well, that’s one way to dodge a question *scribble* *scribble* Note taken). I couldn’t push him anymore. So, I told him that I wasn’t able to find my uniqueness either.


That’s when the thought occurred to me, that I just have to date myself to know myself better (I didn’t go out or anything though). I just started jotting down everything that I knew about myself. My habits, my likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and everything else (yeah, I know, must be the boring date ever). It wasn’t gratifying enough, so I started jotting down my own activities (still in progress), how I respond to certain situations, and stuffs like that.

What’s the end result, you ask? It’s clairvoyance. Obviously. My goal is to gather data about myself, so that I could connect the dots in a way that’s going to help me to grow myself. For now, I’ve discovered my own (true) passions and interests, my belief systems, priorities, habits, etc. But, it might take a unique perspective to find something unique about myself (and that’s the hardest part in this mission of mine. It’d be a breeze if I were Sherlock Holmes, but unfortunately I’m not him)

Even though we’re constantly changing, I think knowing oneself is quiet significant. If you think about it, not knowing oneself is like playing an RPG without knowing the controls. We know the basic moves, but what about special abilities, combos, and stuffs like that? It’s not like we can’t make any progress without them, but it’s more fun and easier to play it that way. That’s why I think it is more important to know ourselves better.

Knowing Yourself Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom.



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