Weird Adventure In The Realm Of Dreams

I think dreams are amazing. You live in a world where anything is possible, and surprisingly, the super skeptical brain accepts the insane things that happens around you like it’s the perfectly natural thing to happen. Last night, I had a really weird dream. I don’t remember every single detail, but I remember the most part.

I remember seeing myself in school, on the third floor. Something had happened (I don’t remember that part), and a teacher went down to the second floor wearing a not so friendly face. And after a while, for some reasons, I’m carrying empty tea cups (what am I a waiter?) down stairs. I entered an empty classroom, and the teacher from before was sitting there. I greeted him in polite manner, and all of a sudden he became really happy. His mood swing was incredible (nobody has ever been that happy to seem me, and I don’t even remember his face…too bad).

Then, I placed those cups on the floor (don’t ask me why, because I’m as clueless as you are) and take my leave. But, when I started climbing upstairs, my right leg won’t budge. I was standing there like a stupid, and everybody going downstairs is giving me a ‘what a weird guy, why is he standing there’ look. I did my best not make any eye contact. I grabbed my right thigh with both my hands and moved it with a great effort. It was really embarrassing. Then some students helped me out without asking a question.

The next thing I remember is that I was leaving school, and I skipped a couple of steps and jumped downstairs way faster than everyone( seems like I was too happy to leave the school. Well, some things never change). I was moving so fast that I felt like flying. Then, I was about to boarded the bus, but my right leg won’t move again. Some students in the bus helped me out this time. I got inside, but I had no place to sit. All seats were occupied. Then the driver noticed me standing, and asked the student sitting on the seat near the ‘exit’ (yeah, like the emergency exit doors you’d see in buildings) to make me some room for me to sit.

I feared that people would feel envious seeing how special I was treated, and guess what, it was manifested (way to go dream me. Of all the things you could have imagined, you thought about your insecurities and now you’ve manifested it). All the teachers in the bus got agitated, and started dissing me. I got really nervous and thought, ‘ I didn’t ask for that special treatment, I’m just lucky’, and looked down at my feet. Then all of a sudden, a teacher beside me cried out the exact thing I was thinking about. It was really comforting to have that one person stand up for me. She spoke for my cause when I decided to take the harsh treatment silently.

Then, I got down in the middle of nowhere, and I was riding a bicycle (hopefully, it wasn’t a stolen one). Then a tarantula showed up out of nowhere (by the way, I freaked out, because I dread spiders). It was crawling on handlebar of the bicycle. I thought of pushing it away, but before I did that, the spider jumped from my bike. For a moment, I didn’t fear it. I looked at it, and it looked at me. I thought it understood me, I felt like a connection was forming between us, but then someone nearly stepped on it, and then it jumped on that person. He freaked out, and shoved the spider in my direction (and this happens when my dream-self was praying something like that shouldn’t happen). Before the spider could even reach me, I batted it right at the dude who launched the tarantula at me, and I walked away like nothing ever happened (I feel bad for that poor tarantula though…it became a victim of my quick reflex). That’s all I can remember.

In the hindsight, this dream made me face my fears. I was embarrassed, misunderstood, and not to mention my encounter with the poor tarantula. I also had people helping me out, in every situation (well…except for the tarantula case), showing me that I can trust people to help me out when I’m in a jam (I used to be a loner, so I don’t usually ask for help, unless I’m in a really critical situation)…or, maybe I’m just making things up. Whatever the case, I learned that I’ve gotta be really careful about my reflexes, if I don’t want to end up shoving away the person calling me from behind (well, it’s not like it hasn’t happened before, but just gotta be careful).


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