There Are No Coincidences?

This morning I was pondering what to write about. I took a glance at my thought journal, visited other blogs, took a look at the notes that I had taken while watching videos, but none of those topics attracted me. Nearly an hour went by, and I didn’t find a single topic that was appealing enough.

So I finally closed my eyes, and said, “my dear intuitive self, please come up with a topic for me”. I think I should add that I didn’t even know how my intuitive self was gonna answer, or how intuition works in the first place, so I opened my eyes as soon as I requested it. To my surprise, I saw that I had a new notification. Someone had followed this blog. Funny thing that when I meditated this morning I thought it’d be great if I gained 4 more followers at the end of this day (by the way, thinking about the future is a part of that meditation technique called the 6 phase meditation), and just one and a half hours later someone follows me. I thought it might be a coincidence, but the freaky part is I’ve been experiencing a lot of coincidences lately, so I decided it’s gonna be my topic.

Yesterday, I was reading a blog post, it was about the author getting stuck in the rain, and the bizarre consequences of getting drenched. After reading that post I looked outside the window, and it was pouring down. Must be a coincidence. Then, I was chatting with someone on chatango and that person said he can play piano, and I replied, “are you like the guy in ‘your lie in april’?…I wonder”, and he replied that he was watching ‘Your lie in april’ at that moment, and sent me a screenshot to prove it. Okay…must be another coincidence. Then, someone else started chatting with me, and after a while the other one messaged me a screenshot of his chat with someone else, and I found that, that ‘someone else’ was the person who hit me up a while ago. So we three were chatting with each other without even realizing that we were, I see…must be yet another coincidence. And there is the case that for some reasons, I’ve been seeing spiders in my dream for the past 2 days (maybe the spiders are trying to communicate with me?). And this morning, I asked for a topic and got it by a total coincidence. (I could list several other coincidences, but lets limit it with yesterday and this morning for now.)

At this point, I don’t know what to say. Maybe coincidences have a pattern or something? But, what I know is, these things just won’t happen when you expect them to happen. They always happen when you least expect them. But, the more you notice these coincidences, the more it happens. So I did some research, and found that this is what is called the law of attraction.(What the heck dude, I just got another follower…this is getting exciting). You think of something, and it gets manifested in the physical world, simple as that. So, everything does begin in the mind, huh? All I have to do is ask for it and I’ll get it. If that’s the case, then it would mean there are no coincidences, or accidents, right?

*Update: It’s 6:54 pm, and I got 4 more followers. It happened after all.



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