I’m Weird?

I noticed that, lately, a lot of people have called me ‘weird’. I’ve got no idea why, but I’m just weird in their eyes. Yeah, I admit that I’ve done some…okay, a lot of crazy things in my life, but I’ve never told my story to any of those guys, and still they called me weird. Honestly, I didn’t feel bad for being called weird, because I’ve always wanted to be unique, and so being called a weirdo was like a compliment to me (but I didn’t thank them for calling me a weirdo (obviously), because I know if I did, I’ll be placed higher in their ‘weirdo ranking’, and I just don’t prefer that).

I know that I’ve always been an outcast, and a rebel. I don’t like to embark in the most populated path, that’s why I always seek to create my own path. So obviously I’ve done a lot of stuffs that can be deemed ‘crazy’. By far the most craziest thing I’ve done happened in the final year of high school. I was so sick of writing one exam after another, without even being prepared for it (I mean how am I supposed to study and memorize two volumes of physics in just 3 days, that’s insane, right?), and I thought I could do better if I went on my own pace.

So I just went to the principal, and proposed that I’ll study on my own, and write exams whenever I wish (pretty crazy thing to say to the principal, right? I don’t even know how I got the guts to say that, probably because I was too pissed off by the education system). I also demanded a separate, private area for me to study in school, and then produced the study-schedule I made for myself. And guess what, I was granted the permission to do whatever I please. Even I was surprised, because it was way too easier than I expected. I mean I just rejected the norm, and any normal person would try not to let me wander off from the path that’s been used for generations, but the principal didn’t even put a little resistance. Maybe it was because of my reputation in school, or maybe because he was impressed how I spoke my mind even when my voice was shaking. All he said was, “I believe in you”. That coming from a person whom I’ve never talked to before, was just hilarious (and a bit suspicious), he barely knew me, yet he said that (and I was picturing him to be a devious, and cunning man, so I thought he was trying to manipulate me or something, but in the end I realized that he meant what he said, no ill intention or whatsoever). From that day, the school’s library became my study space and my new classroom. I was the only person in the library (other than the librarian) to be there from the morning till the evening.

I also got into blogging (it’s another blog which I’ve abandoned now) during the final exams, the time where everybody was studying like crazy. When everybody was getting more and more tensed, I was getting more and more relaxed. But, the results weren’t much as I expected it to be, honestly I was disappointed, but because of that experience now I know the value of competition. I realized that I was totally underestimating studying, and that’s why I didn’t do much as I thought I would. I think I should probably add that, I have no regrets making that decision though. I did what I believed was right, and maybe if I had taken studying seriously I might have done way better that I did. I also learned that If I want something, I should start by asking for it, no matter how crazy it sounds, it doesn’t matter if I get it or not, because I’d rather try and regret it , than not trying, and regretting it, guys, make it a quote, I rarely say something witty like this.( I’m so proud of you dear me, I never knew you can say stuffs like this. Way to go). Nevertheless, I learned a lot from that experience that I’d never forget.

*side note: If you’ve watched assassination classroom, you might notice that Karma Akabane did the same mistake as I did. Only if I had watched that anime before I proposed my idea to the principal, I might have reconsidered…nah, I was too stubborn for that. I would have gone and done it anyways. Another lesson learned – being a stubborn brat is gonna cost you (I’m talking to myself here, so by ‘you’ I mean ‘me’) big time.*

This was just a part of my crazy life, and I still want to do things my way, because I get to learn a lot from them than by following the rules. But, I know mom and dad, I have to be aware of the consequences, I know. Trust me I know, I swear. So, I’ll try to be more cautious when I decide stuffs in the future, but the curiosity to explore the unexplored (at least unexplored by me) is way too much to ignore just like that.





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