Look Back Before You Move Forward

This morning I came back home from my three day trip to Chennai. I really didn’t have much of a sleep there, and not to mention all the traveling I did (as I’m a being that hardly leaves its base (which is my room), that little traveling I did, took a lot of my energy). The only thing I was able to feel was the dizziness in my head, but I was a bit too adamant to take a nap during the day time, so I watched a video about happiness (why I decided to watch a video on happiness is entirely another story, and I’m not gonna bore you with it).

Anyways, the bottom line of the video was, happiness is a result of the chemicals in our head. Life without exuberance (what I’m experiencing right now) means one is not having those chemicals secreting in their brains, and that’s what we call it being unhappy (the same old thing which we all know about).

But, what interested me was the questions he asked: “How many times did you experience happiness in the last 24 hrs?” I tried, and tried, but nothing came to my mind. ‘When was the last time felt that exuberance?’, as I asked myself this question, he asked the next question: “How often did you feel happy in your childhood?” My answer was the exact opposite of the first question. A lot. A lot of times, that I can’t keep track of them. I know I wasn’t happy all the time when I was little, but I know for sure that there were a lot of happy moments, comparing to my life in the present.

Is our lifestyle responsible for this? I mean, we have exams, jobs, financial situations, goals and stuffs like that to care about, so it is only natural to suspect those things. But, I know for a fact that those cannot be the only reason. Because, these things were there in the olden days, and nobody can’t deny the fact that we have a lot more comfort than in the olden times, so comparing to their sufferings, our way of living is…I think we can call it ‘heavenly’ (or ‘dreamy’. Anyways you get the idea, right?), yet we don’t feel happy (most of us). If you think about it, realizing this simple fact that, our lives are far better than the ones our ancestors had, and appreciating what we have in the now will make us happy. I know we all are moving forward to get something we desire in life, and I’m no exception. But ‘truly’ appreciating (I tried to be grateful for the sake of being grateful, and it wasn’t awesome, but when I really meant it, it felt blissful, that’s what I mean by ‘truly’) the things we have, that we could have never even imagined about a 1000 years ago, and being kind towards every human being (at first, and then progress on to every life form) is a sure fire way to get that exuberance in life.

Yep, our lifestyle may influence these things, but in the end everything lies within our mind. So, slow down, look back, see how far humanity has come, see how far you’ve improved, see things and acknowledge their presence, no matter how insignificant it feels appreciate them. Life isn’t a race y’know, you don’t have to rush towards your future, but if you wanna consider it a race, then consider your happiness as the ‘practice sessions’. You practice a lot to perform win a competition, right? In the same way if you want a fulfilling future, have a lot of ‘practice sessions’ in your life. After all, you can be happy in the future, only if you are happy in the present. If not, life will be nothing more than a hunt for one thing after another, and a life long endeavor to be happy.

*side note: This post is like my advice to myself. I think a lot of stuffs like this, but I suck at implementing them, I’ve started so many awesome habits only to stray off course again and again (because I usually forget about them in my ‘busy’ life), so I wrote this post to remind myself about the way I wanted to live. So the next time I look at my posts, I know what I should be doing.*


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