Three Days Without My Laptop…

For the past three days, I didn’t use my laptop, not because I wanted to, but because I didn’t take my laptop along with me to Chennai (I thought I’d be heavy to carry it around, but in the hindsight, I really should’ve taken it along to counter the boredom).

If you’ve seen me irl, me without my laptop is a rare sight to come by. I always take it with me (when I’m not in school that is). I don’t like to use phones and tabs. I don’t know why, laptop feels more comfortable (guess I’m old school after all). That’s probably why I didn’t post much in the past three days, but now I’m finally reunited with my laptop (*plays a dramatic song* I’m never (but I can’t promise) gonna leave without you again, my dear laptop. Never).

Anyways, back to the topic, the three days without my laptop…was kind of boring. I tried to blog, but nothing came to my mind, I just kept thinking it’d be better if I had my laptop, and i gave up on the blogging idea. So, I listened to music like 3  hrs a day, and then I read articles from other blogs, and spent a lot of time thinking stuffs. I also played ‘Yu-gi-oh duel liks’ all day (now that I’m speaking about it, I should set some sort of reminder to claim the rewards on 1st august. It’s not like I’m gonna continue playing it, but it’s a reward for my hours of hard work, so I must get it). Finally I got bored of the game (because I was on a losing streak), and searched for some interesting app to download. That’s when I came across the app called ‘music maker jam’.

I downloaded it, and made a couple of music (I’ll insert the links at the end of this post, if you’d like to listen to them). It’s because that I didn’t take my laptop along with me, now I realize that I actually love making music. I never knew I was interested in making music. I’ve never even thought about making music, because I didn’t think I’d be able to do it.

A little change (of not using my laptop just for 3 days) in my life, allowed me to learn that I have a passion for music. Since, I didn’t have my ‘go-to antidote to boredom’, I had to find something new, and fun.

That’s why I think that changing my regular pattern of doing things will broaden my perspective, and help me to explore more. It was, without a doubt boring in the beginning, but if it wasn’t for that boredom I wouldn’t have went out of my way to ‘try’ things out.

And there are several other changes that happened in the past 3 days. For example, I got a teeny tiny bit better at socializing, I was able to think about myself, and came to conclusions about what I should do about various things. So the bottom line is, doing things out the pattern is the best way to learn new stuffs, and that’s the most important thing I learned in the past three days without my laptop.


Here’s the music: Journey and new beginning (don’t mind if the title is not apt for the music. I’m not really good at naming stuffs)


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