Anime Will Heal Your Life

I was just chatting with this person (a 13 year old), who said that he hated himself and his life, and is still alive, just because suicide is a pain. I asked him why he hated himself, and he gave me an analogy. What he meant is, he can’t stay with his loved ones (at least, that’s what I think he meant). He makes friends, and then they leave him, and he makes some more them and they leave him too. He gives his all to make friends, but in the end his efforts were in vein. That’s the reason for him to hate himself.Untitled

I’ve known this guy for a while now, so I know he has watched steins;gate, so I told him that Rintaro Okabae went through the same thing (actually, it’s literally not the same thing, but the feeling must be similar). Okabae was in a predicament where he can only save one of the two people he loved. The thing is he had a time machine, so he time traveled again and again, just to see one of them killed. He went trough the same pain of losing someone again and again, but in the end, he was not able to change the fate, he had to sacrifice one to save another, and he did that (sacrificed one of them) after several attempts to save both of them. I don’t wanna spoil anymore, but it has a happy ending, I can tell you that much.

*side note: The same thing happened in ‘Life is strange’, but anime does a great job in making you feel emotions than games (imo), that’s why I’m talking about anime, and anime alone, and not movies, and games.

He (the person I was chatting with) probably understood that sometimes we have to let people go (and if he didn’t, he’s probably thinking that I’m a stupid to talk about anime in the middle of an emotional conversation). I didn’t advice him to not to hate himself though, because the last thing you want to say to a person who is depressed is some kinda advice, or consoling words. They just make them feel worse.

So, what I’m trying to say is, people, anime is good for your mental health (but just don’t get addicted, that’s not good at all). There is a lot of things that you can learn from them (only if you have a mindset to learn that is), and they can be extremely useful in your personal life.

In my eyes, anime is kinda like a biography of imaginary characters. You can see their life story, and extract those valuable information which you think might be useful to you in your life. I’m not saying that anime can replace the self-help books and stuffs, but it can give you a lot more knowledge about life, and how to deal with certain situations. That’s why I believe that anime has the ability to heal people’s life.






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