Feeling Good

I don’t know why, I’m really feeling alive and awesome today. Maybe it’s because I had 10 hrs of eternal sleep? This week has dealt a severe blow to my sleep pattern. Last sunday, slept at 3:00 am and woke up at 7:00 am, and the next day I slept at 11:00pm and woke up at 4:29 am. Things have been like this until today. So, obviously my sleep pattern has been obliterated (and I don’t use alarms…I hate those vile creatures), and so I slept for 10 hrs today.

Or, maybe it’s because I’ve been replaying “the boulevard of broken dreams” for  3 hrs straight (I really love that song). It might also be because, I started doing things that I’m passionate about (yep, I usually watch anime to kill time, but now I’ve actually started ‘doing’ things that actually matter to me). Or, maybe, it’s because I’ve been seeing numbers like, 11:11, 18:18, 333, 12:12 , 7:07 a lot these days, and people say those are good omens, so yeah, I might be excited about it.

It might also be because, I’ve been practicing gratitude (finally, I’m sticking to it) for the past few days. And, you know what the researches say, gratitude increases happiness rate by 10%, and it might be the reason.

Whatever the reason is, life just became amazing all of a sudden (or it’s just that I’m feeling vibrant today, which would again imply that I’ve not been vibrant before, which is something that I’d hate to admit). I usually don’t feel miserable, but I don’t feel like this either.  This feeling is awesome, so I decided to write about it. I feel energetic, and peaceful (though my brain is playing that song again and again, even after I stopped the song from replaying. Well, what did you (talking to myself) expect, you were listening to the same song for three hours). But, it still is peaceful.

I know I’m not gonna be feeling like this all day, but I think it’s fine. I’ll enjoy this feeling when it exists. I know there are people who hate, and keep themselves away from happiness (most of these dudes hang around in tumblr posting stuffs like “life sucks”. It’s not like life is going to get better by sharing those wise words anyways), just because it feels bad when the happiness fades away, they feel miserable, but luckily I’m not such person. So, I’m gonna make the most out of this energy (by doing something useful for once) and enjoy feeling this way.

By the way, write down how you feel today in the comment section below, I’d like to see how many of you guys feel awesome today* (says the person who criticized  the people who did the exact same thing on tumblr). Anyways, I’m thankful for today and, I hope you guys are having a wonderful day too.


*Honestly, I was just kidding when I asked you write how you feel (because I know most of you guys won’t), but if you really wanna write about it, then do it by all means. I’d love to hear it too.



2 thoughts on “Feeling Good”

  1. Same with you, I am feeling good today, except that still raining so hard, it didn’t stop since morning but I love it. Glad you’re feeling alive and awesome today!!!!😁

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