Have you ever been in a situation, where you become so self centered and block out everything else from reaching your mind? There will be this person so lost and in need of help, but you just walk past them without even noticing their presence. There will be this person looking at you, like they really wanna say something to you, but something’s stopping them from doing it, and you don’t notice them because you are so busy with your life. And in my case, there will be your dog looking at you all the time you are in his field of view, and you just keep doing your stuff without even realizing that you are being watched he is looking for your affection.

We get too self centered to notice these things. Those longing eyes easily goes unnoticed. I really felt bad, when I actually noticed that my dog was looking at me with his adorable eyes, like he wants me to pet him, and spend time with him (but again, he might have been seeing me just because he had nothing else to see and I just misinterpreted it). How long has he been looking at me? How didn’t I even notice him before? These questions took over my mind.

So I thought of sharing this with you guys: We all are really more self centered than we think that we are. At times we become too self centered to notice the people around us, and to acknowledge how they feel. We all live inside our head and that’s the cause of this ignorance to everything that is not us. Sometimes it takes someone else to call us an ignorant piece of sh*t to realize the fact that we’ve been oblivious to things that are happening around us.

This realization just hit me hard. I’ve been ignoring people without even knowing it. I’m the kinda person that thinks a lot, so obviously I’m guilty of not noticing these signs. I know how it is to feel lost and too shy to ask for help. I’ve been there, and it feels really nervous and when I miss the opportunity to ask for help, I just start criticizing myself for my actions. And start waiting there nervously, sweating, and panicking, for someone to volunteer to help me out. I also know how it feels when someone actually notice you and offers their help. It almost feels like an angel has shown up out of the heavens to help you out. That’s why I’ve decided to be a little more mindful from now on, and I request you to be a little more mindful too.



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