The Unfathomable Attraction Towards The Unknown

I don’t know about you, but when someone intentionally keeps me in the dark (sometimes) I just turn into Chitanda (I bet that Hyouka’s entire existence is based on her curiosity)


My curiosity to know, becomes so hard to suppress (honestly, I don’t even remember trying to suppress it). And not just that, when someone asks me not to do something, I just can’t wait know what it is (and yeah,to see how they’ll react when I say, “I actually did it”). It’s not like I wanna piss them off, but I just get too curious to abide by their rules.

I have this unfathomable attraction towards the unknown. I feel like I just have to know, and act impulsively (but, don’t worry, mom. I know my limits. I don’t push my luck, unless I wanna get myself in trouble, which is like never gonna happen. I mean who would deliberately wanna get into trouble?)

Hey, you know those moments when you see a cute dog/ cat, and you feel like petting them and cuddling them? It’s the exact same way I feel when I know that I don’t know certain things.

Well, being curious about things is not a bad thing after all (because curiosity only kills cats, and I’m a human, so I’m safe), it’s just so much fun to explore what’s been kept a secret. But, not all people take this kinda attitude easily (well, I don’t blame them).

Yesterday, I was chatting with my chatting buddy, and he said that he read a spoiler comment, and he regretted it. Since, I’ve already watched that anime he was talking about, I can’t help, but feel the need to educate him that spoiler he mentioned has a twist. I told him I was gonna spoil him more (just to make sure that it is hi fault if he’s gonna listen to me anymore. If he truly didn’t wanna know, he could have logged out, or something. See everybody has that curiosity), and said,

“Dude, that spoiler isn’t exactly right, Luffy is not the son of Gol D. Roger, it’s actually Ace. Luffy is Dragon’s son”.

He was like, “nooooooo!!! I can’t watch this anime until I forget what you said. Damn you”.

And I continued that, “it would have been nice if Ace were alive though”.

He went silent for a while, and then responded, “If you were someone else I would’ve SWORE AT YOU NON STOP. ****”.

I don’t know what those stars are supposed to mean though (I should I ask him the next time I chat with him). And somehow that conversation ended up as One piece vs. Fairy tail “War” as he stated it (I know, it’s too childish of me to get fired up about such things, but I supported one piece with all I’ve got). Long story short I won the argument concluding that Luffy would defeat Natsu, and Zoro would take down Erza (but he still doesn’t accept his defeat, even though he has no points left to say. Just go down with dignity, would ya?).

Anyways, I just wanted to share my unquenchable thirst to know, and see if you are like that too. I’d love hear your curiosity story, so I’m looking forward towards your comments 🙂




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