Universe Has Your Back (Though It Sucks Sometimes)

I just realized that this world we live in is so damn ironical, ironical enough to give me a good laugh (yep, not a cringe). For example, when we think life couldn’t get any worse, it becomes better, and the vise versa. When we keep expecting something, that ‘something’ almost never happens, but when we’re just minding our own business without expecting a thing, it happens. When you think that you’ve gotten better at something, you’ll be shown (somehow) that you are the best at it. The opposite of what you expect keeps happening (but miraculously, you also get what you expect. sometimes.)

It’s as if the universe is teasing us, and mocking us for being so stuck on something. You guys remember that I recently, I made a post titled ‘How I’ve changed: Sleep‘, right? Guess what happened last night, I wasn’t able to sleep again (and it’s all thanks to you mom. I told you it was a bad idea for you (a night owl) and me (an early bird) to sleep in the same room. But I understand. I just have to suck it up, because grandma is gonna be living with us from now on, and she needs room to sleep, which means I can’t hog two mattresses for myself anymore). And here I thought that it was never gonna happen again.

Well, I didn’t get anxious like I used to, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little pissed off when I wasn’t able to sleep. So, I  spent a great deal of time (might be 45 min, or so. It is a great deal to me, because normally I’d fall asleep within 15 mins) trying to calm my brain before I finally dozed off. And even after that I woke up at 2:45 am feeling like I slept for 7 hrs (just what is happening to me?). Since that was way too early for me to wake up, I went back to sleep, and woke up again at 4:14 am. But, this time I didn’t feel all rejuvenated and energized. That doesn’t matter anyways, because I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to feel energized (well, I know that I, sometimes get too lazy to use them, but seems like I’m not that lazy today. Good for me). What matters is, this happened right after I wrote that I’m able to sleep without a problem (which is true, because I didn’t have much problem anyways), as if it were some sorta test to see if I’m lying to myself, or I’m being honest.

In my case, it seems like I was honest after all. I didn’t get riled up like I used to, so I win!!! This is not the first time though, it has happened a lot, and in most of the cases I’ll be shown that I’m the person that I thought that I was. These ironical moments taught me not to let anything get to my head. It’s like the universes’ way of saying, “don’t get too cocky, and sit just your arse down”.

So, yeah, the universe has got my back. Whenever I get carried away, something like this happens to ground me to reality. It’s as if this universe is looking after me, and keeps me from lying to myself (for which I pay my utmost gratitude) and becoming delusional.

This is how the universe shakes you up, and wakes you up.


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