Are You That Snorlax Blocking Your Own Road?

Heyo guys, if you have ever played pokemon in your life, you might realize what I’m talking about here. There is this Snorlax which sleeps in the middle of the road blocking the path, and if you are playing it for the first time, and you have no clue what to do, but you totally want to capture it…sorry to be the barer of the bad news, it’s not gonna happen (unless you play some more and get a flute).

I just tried every possible thing that I can (except taking a detour/ going to another city), to either capture it, or to get past it. And, after hours of ‘trying’ I admitted my defeat. I finally decided to cheat, and referred to a walkthrough/guide. That’s when I realized that I just can’t wake that thing up unless I have the necessary tool (only if I wasn’t so stubborn to use a guide, I could have saved some time. Well there is no point in regretting it now).

And here is what I learned something from that experience:

You might be that snorlax blocking your own path, and you might be using the wrong tool  to clear the road.

What do I mean by that? It means we might be hindering ourselves, and holding ourselves back, and we might be using the wrong tools, which are anger, frustration, and every other thing that leads to self hatred and low self esteem, to clear the road. Makes sense? (I honestly tried my best to explain, but I am not the best at explaining things, I admit.)

For example, as you guys know I am a socially awkward person. I just hold myself back, a lot (but it’s not the case here). And if I decided to use those wrong tools, things are obviously not gonna get better. I’ll still be standing alone in the corner of the room and criticizing myself, which is not gonna make me social. Instead, if I just don’t make that a bigger deal (because the moment you start to hate yourself things get a lot worse), and continue trying to socialize, by motivating myself (instead of criticizing myself) I can easily clear my road , clear my social anxiety (just takes a little patience that’s all).

The same applies to everything that you are not able to do right now because you are holding yourself back. If you continue to use the wrong tool to clear the road, well, the road will never be cleared,but the gaming experience is sure to get worse. So, if you find that you are that snorlax blocking your own way, try using the right tool. You will get rid of it for sure, and you will be able to move on.


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