Exploit Your Ego

Most of consider ego as an evil thing. But, in my opinion ego is a valuable tool that might help us in our lives. As long as we have control over it, it is not evil. Most of us reject ego, and try to throw it away but have you ever considered using them? Like are you absolutely and positively sure that ego cannot be used for good deeds? I think we can.

Let’s call these positive ego, because these ego only make us better. For example, I use my ego to wake up early in the morning. When I feel like I can sleep for some more time, I automatically think something that triggers my ego, and as a result, I wake up, kicking off my laziness, as my pride is on the line.


I also use my ego to face difficult situations. When I’m in such a situation, I usually would want to back away, and get back to my normal, easy life. That’s the easiest thing to do, but when I face such a situation, I go like, “Okay, I accept your challenge” and I use my ego to stick to my word. “I accepted the challenge, so I can’t back away now”, I tell that to myself, and do whatever that I was afraid to do.

*side note: I started saying “I accept your challenge” ever since I played Dynasty Warriors 4 hyper because the character I choose always says this line before dueling the enemy generals. And from that day, it has been my way of motivating myself to face off powerful, and hard to defeat opponents (situations).

So, instead of sealing away your ego, use them, and exploit them to your advantage. Those are just tools, and since they are tools there is no one way to use them. For the lack of a better analogy let’s say, you can use your guitar to make music, and also to take down a burglar or anyone who is trying to break into your house. I know, stupid analogy, but that’s the first thing that came to my mind so let’s just go with it. What I’m trying to mean is, you can use your ego in whatever way you like. It just depends on you creativity.

So take control of your ego. Take control of your actions, your beliefs, and your life in its entirety. As long as you don’t let them rule over you, your life can become whatever you want to be.

I’d like to conclude by saying:

Don’t let your knowledge blind you. Analyze it yourself. Ego is not always evil, especially if you control it. So, instead of abandoning it, use it as an instrument to make yourself a better life.



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