Music Is A Language (Literally)

They say music is a language that speaks with the soul, right? I agree with that too (except for piano. No matter what, I can’t understand it. I realized that I can never appreciate piano when I watched Your lie in April. I was like ‘wow he’s playing good’ when everybody in the anime was like ‘the hell is he playing? It’s so crappy’) Now, thanks to technology, music is literally becoming more like a language.

The beats are the words, and the song is a wonderful, beautifully written poem (or an essay). All you have to do is to arrange the beats (which requires a teensy bit of creativity), and voila, you just became a music composer who has never touched an instrument. Congratulations.



You don’t need to know to play an instrument to make music anymore, all you need is one your good old pals: a computer or a phone, and there you go, you have all the ‘instruments’ you need to make music.I really like this development because not all people can afford the time and money to learn to play an instrument, and this helps them to awaken their inner musician.

People might have hidden talents, but it remains dormant unless they actually learn the skill. But now, everything is changing. You don’t have to be a Leonardo da Vinci to make art, or a Mozart to play music.

Whilst this is an awesome idea, I know there are people who think these kinda development only gives birth to ‘fake artists’. What do I think about that? Well, let them be fake for all I care. I mean, as long as their music is awesome, I’ll listen to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s fake music or the real deal.

Those who are really passionate about learning to play instruments will learn it, and they will be the ones who make new kinds of music. And, those who are just passionate with music will just do it the easy way (it still takes hours, but it is nothing compared to the real thing) using those already made music.

You can even make your crappy voice into a beautiful voice with the magic of the technology. All it takes is a trinkle passion, and nothing more (okay, money too. I mean you have to buy the beats and music. They’re not for free, y’know?)

Everything we know is continuously evolving. Art, music, teaching, our environment, and life in general. There is no point in resisting the change, because change is the only constant in life. So, let’s be a part of the change, and keep moving forward.


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