On a whim…

Heyo guys, I’m in my grandma’s house right now and I never knew I’d be here even an hour before the departure. Let me make it clear, the plan was for my mom and my dad to come here, but since my other grandma (dad’s mom) was afraid to be alone (with me *arrow pierces through the heart*) dad had to stay home, and I was chosen as the makeshift escort (to carry the luggage) for my mom (yay! I’m so happy, and I’m not being sarcastic).

There was only an hour left for me to pack all of my things and get ready, but guess what, the stuff they say about guys getting ready in 5 min is true after all. I even had time to make a blog post this morning.

Then I spent all the 7 hrs of commuting on listening to music. I did take some pictures when it started raining, but for the most part I was listening to music and I didn’t even realize the time flowing by.

But, the most disturbing thing is: I almost fell asleep when we were supposed to get down from the bus. I was wide awake until then, and I can’t believe that it actually fell asleep. THANK GOODNESS, mom was there. If I had been traveling alone, I bet that I would have probably ended up in an unknown place and I would have been wondering, “wow, this place has changed a lot since the last I visited”. Yep, I’d totally get lost. I can even claim that I’m standing next to Zoro ( btw he is my favorite character from the anime one piece) when it comes to navigation skills.

Maybe the cool weather made me to doze off (and here I was thinking rainy seasons are the best for studying). Anyways, everything today was decided on a whim – from the blog post I made this morning to this sudden trip, and the good news is I made it in one piece.


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