When I’m Around People

I’m really awkward around people (I think all of you must have had similar experiences, so I’d totally appreciate any advice on this matter), and now I’m gonna try to say what usually goes on in my mind when I’m around people.

Scenario: I’m traveling with other people

*there’s a sudden realization*

Me:  “OMG where am I supposed to look at? I can’t look through the window, because the person sitting near the window might think that I’m looking at them. And dang it, off all the times the traitorous phone drained out on me right now. I can’t look at it and escape like usual. Looking at the floor would be obvious, so…”

*turns around to see where everyone else is looking at*

Me:  “through the window. speaking with some they know. using the phone. seeing other people….”

*eyes lock with someone*

Me: “OH SHIT, what should I do now? TO THE FLOOR!!!”

*looks at the floor quickly*

Me: “Aw crap, that guy probably saw me. Is he still looking at me? This is awkward…I should probably try and act normal. Let’s just see what people are doing. It’s totally natural for people to (pretend to) eavesdrop on other people’s conversation, right?”

*looks at the people chatting around*

Me: “Act natural. I bet my face is looking like a guy who just saw a dinosaur, so put up a gentle smile on your face and not the usual crappy smile please”

*puts what he thinks is a smile on his face and notices someone staring at him*

Me: “Oh crap, I didn’t mean to do THAT. Attention. Just what I needed…look somewhere else, or I’m go die…”

*looks through the window*

Me: ” Keep smiling. You’ve got this…man, it’s really uncomfortable because there is a guy near the window. I can’t do this anymore…wait! I have an idea, I should probably try to think something and get lost in thoughts! That’s it. That’s my ticket through this scenario. I wouldn’t realize if I’m looking at someone, or if someone is looking at me when I’m steeped in thoughts…now think. Think.”

*and finally gets lost in thoughts while looking at the floor*

This is how I usually deal with these kind of situation. It really gets hard especially without a phone, or a book, or whatever that I could look at. If you guys have any suggestions  on where I’m supposed to look at or what I’m supposed to do, kindly comment below. I’ll be grateful for your help for the rest of my life.




4 thoughts on “When I’m Around People”

  1. lol I feel you. But in my experience, I think people are looking at me and it feels more uncomfortable. I don’t even know why are they looking at me at the first place and I really don’t know how to react or where to divert my attention. It is really awkward when I am in that situation. I won’t give you any advices, because I myself don’t know what to do in those situation. Hahahaha.

    Ps: I hate groceries. That’s the time most people are watching/staring/looking at me. 😂 (or it is all in my mind??)

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    1. yeah, I understand. It’s when I feel like someone is watching me, I want to act ‘normal’ so that I’m normal in their eyes, and the rest happens as I mentioned in the post. I wouldn’t bother acting ‘normal’ when I’m alone obviously😁, and yeah, about the groceries, I’m not a big fan of it either😂

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  2. 😂I totally get you. I get really anxious. One time I was walking with high heels on and I kinda got really uncomfortable when I noticed people watching me. Next thing I know I tripped over some man’s newspaper stand my mom was so pissed she took me to the nearest shoe store to buy me a pair of flats.

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    1. Ikr. I screw up things when I’m being watched too. It is kinda frustrating that I get clumsier when I’m supposed to look cooler+better 😂. But hopefully, one day we will overcome our anxieties(at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself for the past 4 years lol).


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