I Shake My Legs, And I googled It Why…

I shake my legs almost all the time I’m sitting, and I don’t even know when this became a habit. Now that I think about it I’ve been doing this as long as I can remember. I’ve had several people who think that it’s creepy that I keep shaking my legs, and a lot of them advised me to stop doing it (I’ve got no idea how it even bothers them. I mean it’s my legs I’m shaking and not theirs), and I just…um…let’s say I listened to their advice, and kept doing what I do, because it feels weird when I consciously stop shaking my legs.

I have my own reasons for shaking my legs, but today I got a little curious and googled “why people shake their legs” in general. So now I have scientifically proven excuses for shaking my legs (*whispers*although there is a part about how to stop it in the same website I didn’t read it, because hey, who gives a damn about that as long as we get the reasons, right?)

So here are the reasons which I think would suits my case:

Concentration. People shake their legs so that they can concentrate more on the task at hand. And it is true in my experience. You should’ve seen me the exam hall. I shake my legs like crazy when I’m trying to remember something, and for some reasons it actually helps.

Restlessness or boredom. Need I say anymore? People shake their legs, tap their foot, and do crazy twists with their fingers (this might just be me) when they get restless.

Restless Leg Syndrome. Nope, I don’t have any syndrome. I’m sure, but anyways let’s check what this syndrome is about:

The patients of restless leg syndrome often have a nagging feeling in their legs which they deal with by shaking their legs. This shaking helps them in easing the creepy feelings in their legs. Patients experience this strange feeling in their legs a lot more when they are resting or sleeping at night.

Nope, that’s totally not me (just forget the fact that I said “it feels weird when I consciously stop shaking my legs” would ya? I don’t wanna end up taking medications for that silly claim).

Okay, now here are my reasons for shaking my legs:

Because it helps me to stay awake whilst listening to lectures (that’s what they meant by concentration, I guess). I feel energized when I shake my legs. It feels like the dormant energy in my body actually starts flowing throughout my body when I shake my legs. And it also automatically happens when I’m excited about something, probably too much adrenaline?

Another important reason is, I almost never sit on a chair like a normal person. I sit like a Japanese (I think they call it seiza. I’m not sure though), but the only difference is they sit like that on the floor, and I sit on a chair. Or, like a monkey (you’ve seen one, right?). And ever since I saw death note, I also started sitting like L.There are several more unknown, and unnamed postures, but I’ll leave it at this.

So me sitting like a normal person is rare thing, and when I do, I always feel like folding my legs into any of the above mentioned postures, and in order to behave like an ideal student in school, I don’t sit in any creepy way. Instead I shake my legs to shake off that uneasy feeling I get to fold my legs.

*side note: In case you’re wondering what’s the difference between the sitting style of the monkey and L: the monkey is sitting on its butt, whereas L is sitting on his feet (this actually gets really painful after 30 mins, so I never last longer in this posture. L sure is amazing to sit like that all the time. I salute you L. I salute you)


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