Some People Aren’t Just Meant To Be Compatible

I’m not really happy right now. Why? Because I’m with my brother, and it pains me to say that I dislike it. I’m trying all I can to not to hate the guy. After all, there are different kinds of people in this world and will continue to be regardless whether I like all of them or not.

But I don’t think me and my brother are compatible. He is so darn self centered. He thinks that everything must work according to his mental picture. It just annoys me when he says that I can’t do things  with at most certainty. I mean we are talking about me here. I get to decide if can or cannot. How the heck can you even be so sure?

When I told him that I’m gonna make my life an adventurous one, he was like ‘no you can never be an adventurer. Not in a million years. What even made you think that it’s possible for you to do it?’. Yeah I admit that I’ve been living like a hermit up until now, but mind you, I can change my way of living whenever I want.

He wants what he wants. Nevermind the others. You can’t force everyone to do what you want y’know? Not with that kinda attitude at the very least.

And to top it all off he is really nosy. I can’t have any privacy around him. I mean that guy just broke into my phone and changed the goddamn pin. But thanks to my intuition, I was able to figure out what the pin was. And this particular incident triggered me to write this post.

I bet that he was planning to mess around with me all the while I beg him for the pin, but poor him, he is so easy to read 😝. I already unlocked the phone. Better luck next time.

Well, enough roasting him. I think I’ll have to learn to deal with these kinda people. I can’t yell at him to leave me alone, because he is not a bad person (well, I should also mention that it didn’t work. He starts annoying me even more after I say that). Yeah he is annoying, but he’ll probably realize that he has to change his attitude. and if he doesn’t, well, we just ain’t compatible bro.
The bottom line is I shouldn’t let hatred rule over me. No negative emotions. These are the stuffs that I should laugh it off. That’s just how he is, and it’s his call to be like that. There is no need for me to react to that. I can always live my own life instead of criticizing people for the way they are. Because in the end, the more negative thoughts I have on my mind, the more negative I’ll perceive things. I don’t have to like him, but I don’t have to hate him either. I should find some positive way to deal with these kinda people. Maybe I should try to have some fun with him. When he says I can’t do things, I have to do  those along with those things which he never would’ve imagined that I’d be able to do, and surprise him. That’d be a lot of fun seeing his surprised look on his face. It’s all in the mindset, right? The stuffs he say can be limiting or motivating depending on how I see it. So yeah, let’s give everything a positive touch😁, shall we?

I just realized that two people cannot be compatible, unless one decides upgrade their “operating system” to solve this compatibility error. And so, I’m going to upgrade mine to have a better relationship with my brother.


3 thoughts on “Some People Aren’t Just Meant To Be Compatible”

  1. I think that’s normal when you have siblings. Me and my sister have that kind of relationship. Sometimes we’re okay, sometimes we’re not. Maybe I just got used to it and our arguments are manageable now. Before when we were still in high school, we used to have fights, a physical fights. Hahaha. I thought that we’re just not compatible but at the end of the day, we are sisters, and I am the eldest, and that I should manage my temper well and be responsible of it. *eye rolls but it’s true* it kinda sucks but I have no choice. lol

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