Thank Goodness. I Didn’t Freeze To Death

I’m finally back home . But the ride back home.was lethal (okay lethal is pushing it too hard, but it was suffocating for sure).

We boarded the bus around 3:00 pm, and I, as usual, settled in my window seat so that I can take a loads of pictures. And yeah, I took some fantastic  pictures. Everything was awesome. I was listening to music, taking pictures here and there. Total bliss.

Here are some pic that I took on the way:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But, the trouble started once the sun was down for the count.

It started to get super chill, and to top it off the bus was moving way too fast. Too fast that my freaking headphone almost flew off on several occasions. Soon, my body started shivering. My teeth started clattering. The muscles in the throat and the chest started shaking out of control.

Well, there were a lot of people in the bus, but it seemed like I was the only human being there. I was the only one who was shivering. I know that I’m a person who eats ice creams when it’s not cold (which totally betrays its name), but I know I’m not THAT bad at handling cold. So yeah, those guys couldn’t have been humans. For sure. (or it could be that they’re all human and I’m something else.)

Since it was getting unbearably cold, I had no choice but to hug my backpack to keep myself warm. Now that I think about it, it must’ve been a weird sight. A young boy wearing a beanie cap and a headphone, with glasses, sitting almost curled up hugging his backpack which almost looks like a little child hugging his teddy bear 🐻 sitting in the corner of the room afraid of something. But in my case, it must’ve looked like a cowardly young dude who’s got a fashion sense which is way off from his character. But hey, it was for a greater cause (which is my survival.) So people looking at me with a surprised/confused look on their face shouldn’t be a big deal.

*Side note: if you’re wondering why I didn’t shut the window if it was that cold. Well, I was determined to take pictures on my way home, so it was a noble suffering, endured for the greater good (lame excuse, I know…okay, okay. I admit I actually kinda had fun battling the cold. It gave me the adrenaline rush, so I thought it’d be a total buzzkill if I closed the window.)

Even with my backpack warming me it still was way chill, and it only got worse the closer the bus got to the destination. And finally, after hours of battling the cold, I emerged victoriously from inside the bus.

Then we (me and my bro) rendezvous with our dad who was waiting for us with a car, and commuted for another one and a half hours.

When we arrived home at last, I was greeted by my dog 🐕 with a punch to my stomach (honestly it was more like a stab, because it jumped on me and pressed it’s nails into my belly. Ouch.)


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