The Encounter With A Spider 

Yesterday I had a pretty weird night. I encountered a freaking spider which seemed to be dead set on sleeping in my bed, and for some reason it wasn’t sneaky (which is how most spiders are) about its intentions either. It was sitting in the middle of the bed where any living creature with an eye or two can easily spot.  I admire the bravado and all, but I thought spiders were supposed to be on the wall and not on someone else’s bed. 

“Take all the pic you want but I’m not gonna budge. I hereby claim this bed for myself , you hear that human?”

And like any other normal person who wouldn’t want to share their bed with a spider, I asked my dad to shoo it off (well, I’m not that much of a fan of spiders you see 😅 especially if it isn’t a tiny one.) I stood at a safe distance-outside my room-all the while dad shooed it away.

After that, I scavenged my bed twice to make sure that there wasn’t any other spider lurking on my bed, so that it can avenge its “missing” brother-in-arms.

Even so, whenever I touched something it felt like a spider. You know about the skeptical and suspicious mind, right? It doubts anything and everything. And thankfully the spider didn’t show up in my dreams to haunt me there. Phew.


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