Update On My Life

This past few days, I’ve been busy “trying” to make one of those anime remix thingy. I don’t even know what you call them, but I know it is supposed to look like this. Obviously, my remix project was a dud.  And as usual, since I was too lazy to start over, I quit on day 3 (which btw was yesterday). I realized that I’m not made for doing stuffs like this. Not to mention the fact that I also wasn’t able to find a single tutorial on how to make one of those things, so all I ever managed to do was to mess around with the sounds which actually sounded pretty good for the first 20 sec or so, but somehow the rest ended up as a train wreck.

Btw, tomorrow is my official day 1 of my college life, and I haven’t even packed my things yet. I don’t even know what room I’m supposed to be in, or who my roommates are gonna be (and there was this group chat thing, were all my classmates were getting to know each other, but I didn’t join them. Why? Because I already had my hands full with the remix and stuffs…Okay that’s just an excuse. I just didn’t wanna do it. Childish. I know. But I did say ‘hi’ once, so it must be fine.),and all these mysteries will be unveiled tomorrow.

And to top it all off, I have to go get an eye check-up today. I can tell that I’m gonna have to buy new glasses, because I already can’t see things clearly. Yeah, I know. I should have done these things earlier, but hey let’s face it. Who actually likes check-ups? But, unfortunately these things just have to be done, all you can do is delay the inevitable *sigh*.

So that’s it. I’m rushing things in the very last minute, and let’s hope everything goes fine (Sometimes, I amaze myself with my ignorance to the world around me. But hey, I, at the very least know that college starts tomorrow and that is something that I have to appreciate.)

Edit: I finally got into that group and I was welcomed with a skull ☠️. Why? Idk what it is supposed to mean, but one of them said it was a “dangerous” group and that’s why they welcome people with skulls (just what did I get myself into?). I also checked the e-mail and found out who my roommates are, and chatted with one of them. And about packing…I think I’m pretty much done, but hmm…I feel like I missed something. aww crap I forgot my laptop, headphones, my beanies, chargers… I guess I’ll have to pull an all nighter😥




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