Day one of my college life

Okay. If you want me to describe today…i’d say it was cringe worthy. A lot of weird stuffs (at least weird to me) happened. A lot of awkward moments (somebody kill me please, before I die of this awkwardness), and finally a lot of walking.

 If you’ve followed this blog long enough, you probably know that I’m a creature that rarely goes to the outside world. And you should also know how much of a bigger deal walking is for me. Yet I had a ton of walking (this is karma, isn’t it? I knew it. This is what I get for being lazy😥) and somehow i managed to survive this day. Phew.

And, damn. In the hindsight, I’ve been freaking awkward all day today. I tagged along with the group that I mentioned in the earlier post, and guess what, I felt like a stupid alien (yeah an alien that is stupid. These aliens are rare to come by on films). I was the smallest one in the group, no, let me rephrase it, it’s just that I live in a world of Giants (I honestly fell how Edward elric (from Fullmetal alchemist) must have felt). And I was walking behind everyone else so that they don’t actually talk to me (then why the heck did you even tag along with them?) So I ended up walking behind everyone, seeing them getting to know each other all the while I scilently follow them questioning my very existence. Well I guess i proved that I’m an outcast and a nervous wreck right on the first day (gz myself. Gz. you just screwed your first day over).

Anyways, as of now, I’m all alone in my room (and I actually love this bit of solitude) and all of the other students from my class are…hanging out some where? Who knows and who cares (well you should, bub. You’re missing out an opportunity to socialize).

 I can’t handle any more walking, so yeah, I’mma sit here for the rest of the day, listening to music and writing blog posts.

Social life? Well there is always tomorrow right?😅


8 thoughts on “Day one of my college life”

  1. i remember myself back in my first day. im all alone, sitting at the back of the room and waiting for someone to tap my shoulder and say HI. good news, there’s actually someone who talked to me first. awkward but im relieved hahahaha. well, that’s me. 😂

    hope you get yourself some good buddies, and just enjoy! 😉👍 hahaha!

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  2. Day one is always awkward. It’s okay, you have a lot more time to enjoy your college life. You’re just starting out in adult life, nobody expects you to be self made and awesome on the first day.

    I’m starting a blog addressing college life too. It’s about tips and strategies to motivate yourself in your student life. I’m still new and still posting things. Maybe you could take a look at it and see if it helps https://studentannex.wordpress.com

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