Note to self…

Be more mindful. Today you forgot where you put your ID card, the keys, and the lock (even though you had it in your hands like a couple of moments ago) and spent a great deal of time to find it. I know it must have been frustrating+embarrassing to lose things one after another, so kindly be more mindful from now on. It’ll help you big time.

 And kindly don’t be so stubborn. I know you consider your stubbornness as one of your selling points, but as you saw today that’s not always a good thing(my dad warned me that I might lose my phone if I keep it in my pocket, and I didn’t heed his advice. The result? The phone fell somewhere in the bus and I only noticed it after I got down from the bus. Then Dad ran after the bus, which had started moving at this point and thankfully the bus stopped and dad got my phone back), so you see dear me, please consider people’s advice, even if you are so sure of it. There’s nothing such as being too safe, right? 

And one more thing, if you screw things up, you have a tendency to feel really really guilty and I understand why. But make sure you take some lone-time to settle things down. Take it easy. Don’t jump to ignoring/resisting the guilty feeling. Let yourself be/feel guilty and then motivate yourself and get yourself out of that state. Just a reminder, because you tend to forget the ‘let yourself feel part’. That’s it for now. Try to practice the above mentioned stuffs. And I know you’ll do great 😁.

P.S. I’m sorry dad, you must have been totally pissed at me 😅.


5 thoughts on “Note to self…”

    1. Yeah, lol. And don’t worry, I know my dad doesn’t read my blog, so the message is not gonna be received anyways lol.


  1. Aww thanks for the compliment😁, and yeah, I think ‘note to self’s are great way to improve ourself (and also to get some weight off the chest) which in turn improves our life experience.


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