I salute you dancers (and all those who work hard). I salute you.

My friend/roommate is interested in dance. So he wanted to join the dance club. I tagged along with him to the club (just to make things clear, I only went as an observer, because I don’t do dancing.) and guess what, it was Yuri on ice all over again (for those who aren’t familiar with Yuri on ice, it’s an incredible anime about ice skating. I felt so much emotions watching that one. Imo it can easily make into the best anime ever nominee list).

All of those in the club were pretty amazing, but my friend was the one who I admired the most. Unlike me he’s pretty good at socializing, he is good at handling embarrassing situations, and to top it all off there is this passion for dance (literally he is everything that I fail to be). The effort that he put into it made me wanna do something. Me, a self proclaimed lazy ass “PROcrastinatior” who’s so conservative about his energy (term stolen from the blog sugar nd’ spicy) to actually do put some effort into something.

Now I really respect+appreciate those dudes who work hard on their goals, and I really wish to be like them. The way they push them self to make those fancy moves, their persistence in perfecting their dance, and obviously the smile on their faces after/while dancing. It’s an epic motivational shit (at least for me it is). So I salute you dancers (and all those who work hard), I salute you.

Maybe I’ll work hard too and somehow enjoy it as well.

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