Just Stop Shaking Dammit

Today our class performed a skit, and last night all the boys in our dorm (except for me and my buddy) went to rehearse for it. Late that night my roommate called me and said that I had a role in the skit, and asked me to practice my role. But, as you know, I couldn’t care about anything other than my sleep. I mean it was 12:00 am already, and now they say that I have a role to play and expect me to rehearse for it in the middle of the night?…totally not happening.

But the fun part is I didn’t have any time to rehearse in the morning either. And to top it all off, the technical communication class was the very first  period(it’s when we had to play the skit)

 I was supposed to conclude the skit with a final message. They actually gave me pretty important role to play (poor them), because it’s in the end we can deliver the message and give some value to the audience, and also completes the entire skit.

I brainstormed on the way to class(as if I can cook up something good within that short, 15 min walk to class) and decided what to talk about, but still, I had no practice, no script, or whatsoever. 

The class started and they played the skit. It was hilarious. I was mind blown with their  performance. I had my doubts about me playing a role (because no one talked about it to me), so I confirmed it with the skit organizer. Seems like I have a role after all.

And finally the moment came, I was on the dierce, in front of 60 pairs of eyes looking at me, and my body started shivering out of control (all the while I was on stage I  was like,’how do I f**king stop shaking dammit?’) This is what happens when you put a guy who is always in the shadows under the spotlight…All I wanted during that time was to get off the freaking stage and the more I tried not to shiver, the more I actually shivered.

Anyways, I somehow managed to deliver the speech with a shivering voice (as if I was ready to run away any moment) but guess what, people honestly complemented me. They didn’t care if my voice was shaking. What they cared was the content and my English (yeah, who would’ve guessed a guy who talks so little to deliver something like that)

Nevertheless, I’m glad that I didn’t screw up the entire skit. Phew.


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