Expectation Vs. Gratitude

Hey y’all. I know it’s been a really long time since I wrote my last post, and I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time to blog all that much anymore, but as of now, I have the time and so I’m gonna write something.

Lately I’ve been thinking of writing a book (and you said you don’t have the time to even blog?), and there is this particular topic that I’m thinking of talking about in that book. That is expectation vs. gratitude.

We all know that too much expectation is a pain in the neck, right? When we expect something to happen, our mind ruminates on that particular expectation again and again telling to itself that this is probably gonna happen. But the real problem starts when that “thing” we expected fails to happen. It really strikes us hard, especially since we have been wanting that to happen so bad.

Realizing this, most people resort to killing their expectations. And not long ago, I was on of those people. So what’s wrong with that? I mean, you are just romoving the root cause of your suffering, aren’t ya? Expectation is evil, why would you wanna keep expecting things despite knowing that? A life without expectation is the key to a peace life, and blah blah blah. This is what I believed back then.

But now, my perspective has changed a bit. Right now, I don’t see expectation as a means for more suffering. Why? Because I know that expectation is a power tool for a purposeful living. Think about it, what would life mean if you don’t expect it to be anything? Can you be happy when you have nothing to look forward to? No expectation means no goal, so how are you gonna be successful without a goal?

If you think expectation is the root cause of your trouble, I beg to differ. It is just another tool which has to be used with another tool called gratitude. Be grateful for what you have. Yeah, you didn’t get what you expected, but it could’ve been worse. But that’s the problem with us, human beings, isn’t it? We take things for granted. And that my dear Watson, is the real cause of the problem.

You don’t have to kill your expectation, instead you have to grow your gratitude. Grab a gratitude journal right now and start jotting down the things you are grateful for. Now you may expect as much as you want, and it’s not gonna sting that much when it fails to manifest, because you know you are going to be grateful for whatever you get. This way you will be changing your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. It is now a win-win situation. I got what I expected? Oh I’m sograteful for it. I didn’t get what I wanted? Well I tried, and it could’ve been worse, so I’m glad it isn’t all that bad. Develop this sense of acceptance, and you’re good to go πŸ‘.

One final important thing to note: just let the emotions flow. I’d be a liar if I said that you won’t even have a pang of disappointment , but don’t worry about it, all you have to be is thankful for things and you’ll feel better once again. Just make sure you are being authentic, because it’s more important than being that super positive person. So, don’t force yourself to be positive by ignoring the negativity. Sit with your emotions, and speak to yourself about it, console yourself. Change the negativity to positivity, instead of ignoring your shadow side. Just remember, if you ever want some expert advice, just speak to yourself (and remember to be niceπŸ˜‰)

And the conclusion… *clang* *clang* *clang* growing gratitude wins, and killing the expectation loses.
Catch y’all later. See ya.



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