What I’ve Learned This Year…

Hey y’all. It’s been a long while, huh? Anyways, it’s holidays, and so,I’ve decided to finally post something.

Stuffs that I’ve learned this year (2017).

Human beings learn from their experiences, and y’know what, there is no limit to the lessons you can learn. When you think you know something, that’s when the universe shows that you’ve a lot to learn. As the saying goes, there’s too much to learn and too little time to live (or something like that😅). A beautiful thing about these life lessons is that, the same (similar, I mean) experience might teach totally different things to different people. That’s because, what you’ve learned is sorta the aggregation of your past. So no judging, okay?

Well then, let’s get started…

  1. That “special someone” is not coming. Yep, you heard it right. That special someone for whom you are waiting for, the one who is gonna change your life for the better, and that person whom you can trust and be without any masks, is not coming (If you already have that special someone…call me jealous). Honestly, I’ve had enough waiting for that “special person” to come, break down the walls that I’ve built around myself, and save me from whatever the hell I’m going through. That “special person” is either you, or no one (at least, that’s what it is, in my case). So, stop waiting for someone to make ya feel better. Get yourself out of the pit of darkness that you’ve pushed yourself into, and start living your life, your way. You have to be your special someone first, before you seek for that person in others.
  2. This world, is not your ideal fair place. I know, it might be hard to admit it, but the truth is, not all are equal. Not all those who works hard wins, and not all those who’s messing around loses. Some might be taking the one thing you wanted the most in your life for granted, and some might have the dream life you wanted without even wishing for such a life. But in my opinion, the world is in perfect balance. That’s why is said “not your ideal fair place”. You see, what you are right now, is the result of your past. Your own story. So there is no comparison between you and others in the first place. But even so, this world does make ya to compare yourself with other people, doesn’t it? So what do you do then? JUST DEAL WITH IT. That’s how things are, and it totally doesn’t matter, because you are playing a different role in the game, and they are playing a different role in the game. Case closed.
  3. There is no need to fear the darkness, or even differentiate it from the light. Humans discriminate and that’s normal. “I wanna be this super positive person, but my dark past doesn’t let me to be something like that”. “My life is filled with complete darkness. I wish I can see the light”. Those who think like this, let me tell ya something. You can never see the light if you are gonna keep discriminating like that. Just accept both the darkness, and the light. Who said they could never coexist? Who said they are two different things in the first place? Light and darkness comes in pairs. One cannot exist without the other, so i think this light and darkness, is a single entity. Darkness is not evil/bad, and light is not gonna mean you are cleansed of your dark side or, past or, whatever. There is light in darkness, and there is darkness in light. You can never be completely positive, or completely negative. Because the real you, the authentic you, is made up of both of ’em. That’s all there is to it, and nothing to exaggerate.
  4. This point is kinda like a follow up of the above points, be the one whom you wish to see/ have in your life. If ya want your life to be positive one, then make it positive. If ya want that person who actually cares about ya, then become that person who actually gives a shit about other people. Because you see, you get what you give. That is the law of exchange. You’ve had a dark past? You’ve suffered enough? You wish you had someone that  saved you from the *insert a painful memory here*? Then, it’s your best chance to become that savior for someone else. It’s your best chance to save people from going through the same hell as you did. Become that hero, whom you always wanted in your life, and just witness how happy your life can become. As it’s said in Naruto (to all those who don’t know, it’s a famous anime),

    Turn your sadness into kindness and your uniqueness into your strength.

  5.  It’s okay to be a lonely and a “loveless” person. If you’ve been following me for quiet a  while, then you might have noticed that I have written a post, where I typically say that I don’t know what love is, and I’m seeking it’s definition, and so, if you get close to me, you’ll get hurt. Back then, I really felt bad for who I was. A person not attached to any living being, just like a machine, a shell of a man. But, now, I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter. I finally found my very own definition of love. It is: you don’t love a single person in your life. You don’t place all that trust, affection, and kindness, and compassion on a single person, on a selected few. You show them to all. You don’t choose who to love. You just radiate love on whoever is in your life right now. So I say, it’s okay to be a “loveless” person, a being that can’t love a single thing more than the other. You can call me a machine for all ya want, but I’m not gonna care anymore.
  6. Go with the flow. Things will happen if they are meant to happen. You don’t have to go hunt for something, or hunt down something from your life. Just be. Just go with the flow. Don’t resist (because resistance is futile muhahaha), become one with the flow of life. Change is not brought by resistance. It is brought when you go through (flow through) the changing process. (Yeah, i know, this is totally contradictory to what I (might have said, because I don’t remember clearly. Hmm…did I say ‘f**k the flow, and make your own path’, in this blog, or my old one🤔) have said in my  earlier posts, but hey, I’ve evolved and so has my beliefs).
  7. Be weird. This life is boring as it is. You don’t have to make it even boring by trying to be “normal”. At first when I came to my college, I was so cautious to not let my weird self out. I just wanted to be just another boring, normal student in the class. I tried so hard to be a normal guy, but you know, no matter how hard ya try, somethings just cannot be manifested. I am an outcast no matter what(but still I managed to live in the shadows. I am Batman lol). So, I decided to be my normal self, note the word ‘my’. Be unique, try out crazy things. You are the mad scientist, and this world is your test subject. Don’t just limit yourself to the ordinary. Boy, you’ll be surprised of the stuffs that you can do when you unleash the real you. Don’t care about embarrassment, don’t mind the failures, and struggles. Just have fun living, because in the end, what it counts is, who had the most fun living.


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There ya go. I’ll stop it right here. I can keep going on, but I’m satisfied with these points, because these are the most important ones of all the stuffs that I’ve learned this year.

Have a wonderful day! And live your life to the fullest😁.

Peace out.





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