Endings Are Inevitable For The New Beginning…

This is it, my friends. A new year has been born, and the old one has come to an end. People get real happy and excited, they celebrate the birth of the new year with immense joy and pleasure…This really got me thinking. We celebrate the birth of a new year, rather than feeling bad, for the previous one has ended.

Wow, such positive perspective. But, we ain’t like this all the time now, are we?

We mourn for the end of our loved one’s time on this planet. We long for the sweet memories of the past that is long since gone. We grieve to see the bond between people deteriorating. We are pained when our friends leave us. And not to mention that we feel terrible when our favorite anime has come to an end.

So, why do we see these things as an ending, rather than considering it a new beginning? I guess that is just a “human thing”. Although we know nothing in this world is permanent, although we have been through several endings in the past, we still feel for the time that has ceased. Will we ever get used to these things? Can we ever handle these endings without getting heartbroken? Can we change our thoughts and see the endings as an inevitable steps to a new beginning?

The truth is, our time on this world is borrowed. It has a limit, and so does every thing in our life. Your suffering has an end. Happiness has an end. Friendship has an end. Love has an end. And ultimately your life has an end too. It is just a matter of time, that we’d have to bid our farewell to everything we have ever gained in this life. Knowing this, can we accept such a fate? Can we forge a new relationship knowing that, it will one day come to an end?

I think some of us can, and some of us can’t.

I’ve heard a whole lot a of people asking me (some friends online) what’s the point of life, when we are ultimately gonna die. What’s the point in working so hard even though we know that it is all gonna come to an end? I always answer them the same thing, see, our time is so limited. We don’t have all the time in the world, no. But, isn’t that all the more reason to have fun each and every day? It is true everything comes to an end, but why not accept it and get a move on? That’s just how things are. So find something to make your time on this world a blast. Do something to have fun everyday…

Even though I say all such “positive” things, let’s be real. It sure sucks when certain things comes to an end. And I think it’s okay to feel bad for it. Because, as I always say, sadness is often followed by happiness. So, I will accept it, and the sadness, and will move on. Move on towards the future. For, it is the only path I can traverse. Although it hurts, I have to leave the dead past behind, because I know I can’t cling on to it forever. We have to get over the loss, and learn to smile again.

Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears.

So it’s time to say goodbye to the things that we know we have to leave, and begin a whole new chapter in our life.


P.S. Have a happy and prosperous new year, my friends!

Peace out.


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