How I’d Spend My Last 24 Hours

If by any chance, I got to know that I’m about to die, then I’d go to some place alone. A peaceful and a beautiful place, secluded from the hustling humanity. I’d stay there for hours thinking about how I spent my life. I’ll think about the happy times, the sad times, and the times where I felt nothing at all.

Then I’ll come to terms with all the emotions I had with those memories. I’ll detach myself from all the things I’ve been clinging to, and bid my final farewell to the world one last time, with a bitter-sweet feeling in my heart.

I’ll take the biggest breath that I have have ever took and as I exhale, I’ll let everything go. That’s it. Now I can embrace death.

But before I go, I’d like to give something to this world. So I’d probably do some random act of kindness, and be satisfied with myself. I’d contribute whatever I can. After all, my time is about to be over. It is only right to give away everything I had to those in need. By doing so, not only will I be able to help someone, but also all the hard work I’ve put into gaining them won’t got to waste.

Then, I’ll take my time to bid farewell to everyone that I know.

Finally, now that I have given away everything but my life, I can now go back to my solitude and drift away in the silence. Then, I’ll listen to some sweet music, and write something. I’ll definitely have something to say before I go.

After I’ve written my heart down in the final post that I’ll ever make, I’ll doze off to the dream world, and possibly never come back.



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