Why My Posts Are Always Centered Around Me

If you’ve noticed, most of my post are centered around me. It mostly will be me, telling what happened to me, and what I learned from it.

So here’s the reason why,

Once upon a time (well, it’s not that long ago actually. Just a year ago) I owned another blog where I gave out life advice, “in the form of advice” (If that makes any sense to you). I wouldn’t talk about my experience or my feelings, rather I’d give out tips and instructions and stuffs like that.

The more I posted those kinda stuffs, the more I started to feel that something wasn’t right about it. I couldn’t get my finger on it, but it really made me feel uncomfortable, and so eventually I couldn’t bring myself to write such posts anymore (But then again people only read that kinda posts. They want some pointers and tips that they could use, not your lame experiences!)

So I ended up posting motivational quotes and stuffs, but y’know what? What kind of a moron posts only quotes in blog these days? There’s pinterest, Insagram, Tumblr, etc that’s got it covered. So I quit.

Back then, I didn’t know that I could write about things in any other way. I didn’t know I could still convey message in a more personal way. Besides, talking about me felt weird, and I didn’t really consider my story and experience to be “big” enough for people to read about. Who’d want to read about a nobody anyways? So I decided to abandon the blog for good, because I had no content to talk about anymore.

After few months, I realized that I really loved to talk about myself and my experience, but wanted people to get something out of it. I just wanted to write something, even if no one is going to read it. So, I started a new one and named it “life on planet earth” (and now it’s called spell of life. Who knows, it might change into something in the future lol) A blog where I could not only talk about myself but about everything and anything on the planet, and thus the name (obviously I wasn’t able to choose a niche for my blog, so I thought why not everything and voila.)

And ever since, all of my posts (except a few) became something about life experience than about life advice. I left it up to the readers to get something out of it (like I even have any readers lol). After all, I only quit my other blog because I didn’t like the feeling of “forcing” advice onto people.

So that’s it. That’s the reason why I have all my posts centered around me.




Ganesh Kumar R


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