Why Wanting To Be “Realistic” Could Be A Bad Idea

We humans are always in a  constant search. A search for one’s authenticity, meaning, purpose, growth and what not. We ask so many questions. We criticize ourselves. We evaluate ourselves, and based on what we think we are, we often  limit our search to that caliber. We limit our perspective.

“I don’t have any special talent. So I can’t do that”. “I don’t have any good looks or skills, so there’s no way I’ll become popular”. “There’s no way someone like me can do it”. Our brain casts off all the possibilities just like that.

With our motive of being “realistic”, we come up with such self limiting beliefs, and limit ourselves to a small circle. Since the brain says you can’t become “that”, our soul seeks for a way to become the closest thing to “that”.

Where all the “bad” things are born…

Unfortunately, once you achieved that closest thing, it still won’t be enough. This is not what you wanted to begin with. So we seek and seek in the same area, within the same boundary we drew around us, and eventually break down.

This is where depression, and all other sadness are born. They are born from all the confusion and uncertainty in your head. In the end, we just end up living an unfulfilled life. A life without any peace or satisfaction.

Without understanding our true potential we just close off several doors in our life. I’m not going to say any cliched quotes like, “Hard work is the key to success” and blah. blah blah.

What is the point in working in something that is the closest thing to the one that you wanted? Or, even worse what if your desire to be realistic drove you to a completely different path that don’t wanna be? What’s the point in working so hard when it’s not what you want? What is the point if we end up asking, “What was the meaning of all this? What was the meaning of my life?”

Open the door in your mind…

It starts at a deeper level. If you want to find success, you have to first open the door in your mind. If you can’t see yourself achieving the things that you want, then there’s no way you can. You have to feel that you deserve it. How can you manifest it, if you don’t believe in it in the first place? And then when the door actually opens in your life, just walk through it.

What if I mess up and miss my chance, you ask?? No problem, there are always several doors opening in our life. As long as our mind is open we will see several doors. All we have to do is believe and we’ll see a quadrillion opportunities in every single thing in life.

The problem…

The problem is our brain is thrown off by such believes that have no base. Uncertainty kicks in and makes you want to doubt everything. We have programmed our brain to believe that our power is limited. So no wonder when you want to do something big, it says you are too small for that task. But in actuality you are the biggest thing in your life! You just have to believe. That is your greatest power.


The idea of being realistic is just a mechanism of our brain to protect us from failure, rejection, and pain. It masks the true fear of uncertainty with a logical reasoning. It lies to you by saying, “You are not good enough” instead of saying, “I’m scared. I’d feel safer if we don’t do it”. So the next time you score off some dream just because you think you don’t have what it takes, think again. Believe in the unthinkable. Expect the unexpected. Go a little crazy.



2 thoughts on “Why Wanting To Be “Realistic” Could Be A Bad Idea”

  1. This was just what I needed. There’s something I’m planning out for the future but sometimes I get discouraged and I try to be “realistic.” Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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