Why Not To Have A Backup Plan

Humans are insecure beings. We might not want to admit it, but we are always in a constant fear, especially when it comes to making decisions. Fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear of wasting time and what not. That’s why we have backups just in case.

Even while making important decisions like choosing one’s career, we tend to make decisions that are influenced by these fears.”I want that job, but if I couldn’t get it there’s always this job”-it’s our way of making sure we don’t fail. It’s our way of giving ourselves a sense of security. Security from failure, rejection, etc. After all fear is our greatest enemy.

Who Should Have A Backup Plan:

If that desire is heart-felt, we will be the kind of person who’ll do his/her best regardless. Then, having a backup plan won’t affect our performance. After all, our backup plan will help us achieve the goal and that’s what it matters.

But, if we don’t have enough motivation, our backup plan will be giving up on “that” and trying something else. I guess I’ll have to explain what I mean by that. It’s just a matter of perspective. For a person who truly desires something, a backup plan is something that’ll improve his/her rate of success. On the other hand, for an unmotivated person a backup plan is just another reason for him/her to quit. It’s easier to say that Plan A sucks instead of actually giving your 100% at Plan A, right?

What Should I Do If I’m The Unmotivated Guy:

Giving ourselves a backup plan, although it might seem like the logical thing to do, might not be such a great move. If we think we want something and we find ourselves half-assed about it, there should be no second options. It’s that or nothing. We must act like our lives depended on it.

In such instances, the only way to be “safe” would be to win (Oh, did I mention that our mind is a sucker for safety?)  Our mind can’t convince us to give up just because things got a little rough. Our lack of motivation shouldn’t matter. Our brain will be afraid of the uncertainty which is a lot more powerful than the laziness, so that it’ll give us enough fuel to complete the task.

Our brain knows there’s only one thing there’s to do and it is to help you win. Okay. I lied. There’s actually two.

  • One – it might use fear to make us formulate a backup plan(more like an escape plan lol.)
  • Two – it might use the fear to make you win. It all now narrows down to ones will power at this point.

In that case, just remind yourself, “Now is not the time to think about what you have to do when you lose. You haven’t even started yet!”

Fear To Our Advantage…

We have to use fear to our advantage in order to achieve things since we clearly don’t have the desire or motivation to do them. I mean, if we are good at running away, why not run away towards our goal? But there’s a catch. There’s one little necessity – a bit of will power. I understand how hard it is to even muster that little of a willpower, but that is the most important component for success. After all, if success was so easy, then it wouldn’t be called success now, would it?

Being a procrastinator myself, I clearly know that it takes some willpower to actually give a damn. When you have the “I don’t care attitude”, it becomes super-hard to use fear to achieve success. So if you can somehow bring yourself to give a damn, and fear again, everything must be alright as long as you’re not blinded by the fear, which, as you might already know causes stress and we don’t want it.

Don’t be controlled by fear. Control it.





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