Why My Posts Are Always Centered Around Me

If you've noticed, most of my post are centered around me. It mostly will be me, telling what happened to me, and what I learned from it. So here's the reason why, Once upon a time (well, it's not that long ago actually. Just a year ago) I owned another blog where I gave out… Continue reading Why My Posts Are Always Centered Around Me


Reflecting Upon July

July was a month of self discovery to me. I started out blogging, went to several self development masterclasses, started learning guitar, started making musics, and recently I also started making minimalist images. I learned a lot about myself, especially since I'm blogging about my life here. July is the best ever month I've had… Continue reading Reflecting Upon July


Message from another dimension…

I don't know why, but for some reasons I started thinking about my deja vu experiences last night. The recent episode occurred a couple of weeks ago. I was playing a visual novel game, and suddenly I felt like I was reliving the past for a few of seconds, that is, the present felt like… Continue reading Message from another dimension…