How I’d Spend My Last 24 Hours

If by any chance, I got to know that I'm about to die, then I'd go to some place alone. A peaceful and a beautiful place, secluded from the hustling humanity. I'd stay there for hours thinking about how I spent my life. I'll think about the happy times, the sad times, and the times… Continue reading How I’d Spend My Last 24 Hours


Exploring My Dark Side

Okay, this post is gonna be pretty personal (and sorta least, I expect it to be), because I'm gonna be venturing into the realm of my fears, and the darkest part of me. My first biggest fear is that I will never be able to feel love. No I'm not just talking about the… Continue reading Exploring My Dark Side


Just Stop Shaking Dammit

Today our class performed a skit, and last night all the boys in our dorm (except for me and my buddy) went to rehearse for it. Late that night my roommate called me and said that I had a role in the skit, and asked me to practice my role. But, as you know, I… Continue reading Just Stop Shaking Dammit


Update On My Life

This past few days, I've been busy "trying" to make one of those anime remix thingy. I don't even know what you call them, but I know it is supposed to look like this. Obviously, my remix project was a dud.  And as usual, since I was too lazy to start over, I quit on… Continue reading Update On My Life