Why Not To Have A Backup Plan

Humans are insecure beings. We might not want to admit it, but we are always in a constant fear, especially when it comes to making decisions. Fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear of wasting time and what not. That's why we have backups just in case. Even while making… Continue reading Why Not To Have A Backup Plan


Expectation Vs. Gratitude

Hey y'all. I know it's been a really long time since I wrote my last post, and I don't know if I'll ever have the time to blog all that much anymore, but as of now, I have the time and so I'm gonna write something. Lately I've been thinking of writing a book (and… Continue reading Expectation Vs. Gratitude


Barriers To Meditation

Yesterday, I was skimming through my email aimlessly, and that's when the title - "love bomb" caught my eyes. It was an invite to a mindvalley masterclass session called "love bomb" by Emily Fletcher, and yesterday was the last date to enroll. It's been like forever since I enrolled in a masterclass. I had to… Continue reading Barriers To Meditation


How A Little Patience Can Change Your Life

I always dreamed of going on endless adventure, traveling without settling in a place, experiencing various cultures, and encountering different people. I wanted to experience as much as I can. As a kid, I wasn't able to travel as much as I'd like to (obviously), and I guess, that's why I was attracted to games… Continue reading How A Little Patience Can Change Your Life


Fighting The Unknown Fears

Whenever a righteous character is deceived by someone and is made to (manipulated to) fight for a wrong cause, or when someone betrays someone else who placed so much trust and faith in them, or when people insult others and act like a superior being it strikes my nerves. I feel enraged when I see… Continue reading Fighting The Unknown Fears


Is Your Past Hunting You Down?

Change is an inevitable thing in our life. Both our body and mind changes with time, and often this change is slow and subconscious. But, I realized that changing oneself consciously is a lot more difficult task, because change takes time and we humans are impatient, and that makes us an easy prey for our… Continue reading Is Your Past Hunting You Down?