What I’ve Learned This Year…

Hey y'all. It's been a long while, huh? Anyways, it's holidays, and so,I've decided to finally post something. Stuffs that I've learned this year (2017). Human beings learn from their experiences, and y'know what, there is no limit to the lessons you can learn. When you think you know something, that's when the universe shows… Continue reading What I’ve Learned This Year…


Expectation Vs. Gratitude

Hey y'all. I know it's been a really long time since I wrote my last post, and I don't know if I'll ever have the time to blog all that much anymore, but as of now, I have the time and so I'm gonna write something. Lately I've been thinking of writing a book (and… Continue reading Expectation Vs. Gratitude

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13 Quotes That I Live By

The following are the quotes/rules that I abide by, or would like to abide by, or I just simply like: "Nobody can do you better than you."~Michael Beckwith   "I'd rather be alone than to be with the wrong person." ~me   "Life is just a game, don't be embarrassed to play it." ~me  … Continue reading 13 Quotes That I Live By


(I just realized that)You’re Missing Out A Lot, If You’re Not Having A Golden Hour

The past two weeks have been pretty hectic. A lot of traveling, a lot of late nights and a lot of activities that drains me of my energy. Phew, I almost got drowned in the randomness of life. Usually I wake up around 4:30 am and do yoga and then meditation, and then exercise. I… Continue reading (I just realized that)You’re Missing Out A Lot, If You’re Not Having A Golden Hour


Living Life To The Fullest

Today, my dear readers, was one of the days where my mind just completely shuts down, and can only do the basic, predefined functions like...existing for example. I tried, and tried to write a blog post this morning (Okay, I'm lying. I didn't try hard at all. You got me, but wait! I'm gonna explain… Continue reading Living Life To The Fullest


Exploit Your Ego

Most of consider ego as an evil thing. But, in my opinion ego is a valuable tool that might help us in our lives. As long as we have control over it, it is not evil. Most of us reject ego, and try to throw it away but have you ever considered using them? Like… Continue reading Exploit Your Ego


Are You That Snorlax Blocking Your Own Road?

Heyo guys, if you have ever played pokemon in your life, you might realize what I'm talking about here. There is this Snorlax which sleeps in the middle of the road blocking the path, and if you are playing it for the first time, and you have no clue what to do, but you totally… Continue reading Are You That Snorlax Blocking Your Own Road?



Have you ever been in a situation, where you become so self centered and block out everything else from reaching your mind? There will be this person so lost and in need of help, but you just walk past them without even noticing their presence. There will be this person looking at you, like they… Continue reading Unnoticed


There Are No Coincidences?

This morning I was pondering what to write about. I took a glance at my thought journal, visited other blogs, took a look at the notes that I had taken while watching videos, but none of those topics attracted me. Nearly an hour went by, and I didn't find a single topic that was appealing… Continue reading There Are No Coincidences?