Why My Posts Are Always Centered Around Me

If you've noticed, most of my post are centered around me. It mostly will be me, telling what happened to me, and what I learned from it. So here's the reason why, Once upon a time (well, it's not that long ago actually. Just a year ago) I owned another blog where I gave out… Continue reading Why My Posts Are Always Centered Around Me


Post Of Gratitude

This post is gonna be a (an unofficial) follow up of an activity from the communication skills class. I'm going to thank everyone who had a positive impact on my life. First off, I'm thankful and grateful for you Mom and Dad. Thanks for being the by my side all the time. Thanks for letting… Continue reading Post Of Gratitude


I salute you dancers (and all those who work hard). I salute you.

My friend/roommate is interested in dance. So he wanted to join the dance club. I tagged along with him to the club (just to make things clear, I only went as an observer, because I don't do dancing.) and guess what, it was Yuri on ice all over again (for those who aren't familiar with… Continue reading I salute you dancers (and all those who work hard). I salute you.


I love beanies…

Since I can't find anything interesting to talk (write) about, today I'm gonna write about my fetishes. I just found that I have a fetish for headphones and beanies (yay! a recent self-discovery). Ever since this "discovery", I've always had my beanies and headphones with me. All the time. I don't even know why I'm… Continue reading I love beanies…

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13 Quotes That I Live By

The following are the quotes/rules that I abide by, or would like to abide by, or I just simply like: "Nobody can do you better than you."~Michael Beckwith   "I'd rather be alone than to be with the wrong person." ~me   "Life is just a game, don't be embarrassed to play it." ~me  … Continue reading 13 Quotes That I Live By


Update On My Life

This past few days, I've been busy "trying" to make one of those anime remix thingy. I don't even know what you call them, but I know it is supposed to look like this. Obviously, my remix project was a dud.  And as usual, since I was too lazy to start over, I quit on… Continue reading Update On My Life


The Encounter With A Spider 

Yesterday I had a pretty weird night. I encountered a freaking spider which seemed to be dead set on sleeping in my bed, and for some reason it wasn't sneaky (which is how most spiders are) about its intentions either. It was sitting in the middle of the bed where any living creature with an… Continue reading The Encounter With A Spider 


Thank Goodness. I Didn’t Freeze To Death

I'm finally back home . But the ride back home.was lethal (okay lethal is pushing it too hard, but it was suffocating for sure). We boarded the bus around 3:00 pm, and I, as usual, settled in my window seat so that I can take a loads of pictures. And yeah, I took some fantastic… Continue reading Thank Goodness. I Didn’t Freeze To Death