CHAPTER 1 LIFE 0: At the dead of the night, the protagonist squirmed in suffocation, lying on his bed, desperately trying to breathe. His chest felt cold and his blood gushed out as the dark figure thrusted his dagger deeper into his chest. He suffered, unable to break free from the killer's grasp, and witnessed… Continue reading Room


There Are No Coincidences?

This morning I was pondering what to write about. I took a glance at my thought journal, visited other blogs, took a look at the notes that I had taken while watching videos, but none of those topics attracted me. Nearly an hour went by, and I didn't find a single topic that was appealing… Continue reading There Are No Coincidences?


Weird Adventure In The Realm Of Dreams

I think dreams are amazing. You live in a world where anything is possible, and surprisingly, the super skeptical brain accepts the insane things that happens around you like it's the perfectly natural thing to happen. Last night, I had a really weird dream. I don't remember every single detail, but I remember the most… Continue reading Weird Adventure In The Realm Of Dreams