Engulfed By The Nothingness

Life...is chaotic. Maybe as a kid I didn't realize it, but as I continue on the path of life, it is becoming more and more obscure to see, more and more suffocating to breathe. This confusion never seems to end. What is life? What am I supposed to do? What was the point of me… Continue reading Engulfed By The Nothingness


Endings Are Inevitable For The New Beginning…

This is it, my friends. A new year has been born, and the old one has come to an end. People get real happy and excited, they celebrate the birth of the new year with immense joy and pleasure...This really got me thinking. We celebrate the birth of a new year, rather than feeling bad,… Continue reading Endings Are Inevitable For The New Beginning…


What is this feeling…

Today, I'm not going to college. Why? Well, I guess because I burned myself out and needed a break. I've been feeling sick for the past week, yet I pushed myself to go and attend classes, and exams. Cramming for internals, completing the assignments and record works, barely managing to relax and just be is… Continue reading What is this feeling…


I love beanies…

Since I can't find anything interesting to talk (write) about, today I'm gonna write about my fetishes. I just found that I have a fetish for headphones and beanies (yay! a recent self-discovery). Ever since this "discovery", I've always had my beanies and headphones with me. All the time. I don't even know why I'm… Continue reading I love beanies…

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13 Quotes That I Live By

The following are the quotes/rules that I abide by, or would like to abide by, or I just simply like: "Nobody can do you better than you."~Michael Beckwith   "I'd rather be alone than to be with the wrong person." ~me   "Life is just a game, don't be embarrassed to play it." ~me  … Continue reading 13 Quotes That I Live By


Music Is A Language (Literally)

They say music is a language that speaks with the soul, right? I agree with that too (except for piano. No matter what, I can't understand it. I realized that I can never appreciate piano when I watched Your lie in April. I was like 'wow he's playing good' when everybody in the anime was… Continue reading Music Is A Language (Literally)


Universe Has Your Back (Though It Sucks Sometimes)

I just realized that this world we live in is so damn ironical, ironical enough to give me a good laugh (yep, not a cringe). For example, when we think life couldn't get any worse, it becomes better, and the vise versa. When we keep expecting something, that 'something' almost never happens, but when we're… Continue reading Universe Has Your Back (Though It Sucks Sometimes)


The Unfathomable Attraction Towards The Unknown

I don't know about you, but when someone intentionally keeps me in the dark (sometimes) I just turn into Chitanda (I bet that Hyouka's entire existence is based on her curiosity) My curiosity to know, becomes so hard to suppress (honestly, I don't even remember trying to suppress it). And not just that, when someone… Continue reading The Unfathomable Attraction Towards The Unknown



Have you ever been in a situation, where you become so self centered and block out everything else from reaching your mind? There will be this person so lost and in need of help, but you just walk past them without even noticing their presence. There will be this person looking at you, like they… Continue reading Unnoticed