CHAPTER 1 LIFE 0: At the dead of the night, the protagonist squirmed in suffocation, lying on his bed, desperately trying to breathe. His chest felt cold and his blood gushed out as the dark figure thrusted his dagger deeper into his chest. He suffered, unable to break free from the killer's grasp, and witnessed… Continue reading Room


The Encounter With A Spider 

Yesterday I had a pretty weird night. I encountered a freaking spider which seemed to be dead set on sleeping in my bed, and for some reason it wasn't sneaky (which is how most spiders are) about its intentions either. It was sitting in the middle of the bed where any living creature with an… Continue reading The Encounter With A Spider 


I Shake My Legs, And I googled It Why…

I shake my legs almost all the time I'm sitting, and I don't even know when this became a habit. Now that I think about it I've been doing this as long as I can remember. I've had several people who think that it's creepy that I keep shaking my legs, and a lot of… Continue reading I Shake My Legs, And I googled It Why…


When I’m Around People

I'm really awkward around people (I think all of you must have had similar experiences, so I'd totally appreciate any advice on this matter), and now I'm gonna try to say what usually goes on in my mind when I'm around people. Scenario: I'm traveling with other people *there's a sudden realization* Me:  "OMG where… Continue reading When I’m Around People


Music Is A Language (Literally)

They say music is a language that speaks with the soul, right? I agree with that too (except for piano. No matter what, I can't understand it. I realized that I can never appreciate piano when I watched Your lie in April. I was like 'wow he's playing good' when everybody in the anime was… Continue reading Music Is A Language (Literally)


Living Life To The Fullest

Today, my dear readers, was one of the days where my mind just completely shuts down, and can only do the basic, predefined functions like...existing for example. I tried, and tried to write a blog post this morning (Okay, I'm lying. I didn't try hard at all. You got me, but wait! I'm gonna explain… Continue reading Living Life To The Fullest


Exploit Your Ego

Most of consider ego as an evil thing. But, in my opinion ego is a valuable tool that might help us in our lives. As long as we have control over it, it is not evil. Most of us reject ego, and try to throw it away but have you ever considered using them? Like… Continue reading Exploit Your Ego


Universe Has Your Back (Though It Sucks Sometimes)

I just realized that this world we live in is so damn ironical, ironical enough to give me a good laugh (yep, not a cringe). For example, when we think life couldn't get any worse, it becomes better, and the vise versa. When we keep expecting something, that 'something' almost never happens, but when we're… Continue reading Universe Has Your Back (Though It Sucks Sometimes)



Have you ever been in a situation, where you become so self centered and block out everything else from reaching your mind? There will be this person so lost and in need of help, but you just walk past them without even noticing their presence. There will be this person looking at you, like they… Continue reading Unnoticed